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Apples' Market Position....

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Supa_Fly, Sep 30, 2002.

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    Ok Im still using PC's but have always wanted and finally owned a PowerMac --which burned to a huge paperweight thru overclocking stupidity on my part--which got me thinking about Apples position.

    1)Why is the primary reason for Apple killing the clone market? Glad they did for all reasons except one, Price.

    2) With so many usuable and superior apps for the Apple platform, along with the success of the iPod & Office X for Mac, why oh why doesnt Apple port over their strongest Applications for the PC??? Wouldnt this coincide with their switch program ads?a

    3) Imagine for a moment that Apple made their Laptops for the PC world, with such outstanding design and craftmanship could help their $$$ flow for Mac only endeavors!? Examples port over AppleaWorks, iTunes1/2/3 for the PC instead of some 3rd party for their iPod crossover models??!! Also, Microsoft has recognized that Office X is more feature packed, stable, and overall more userfriendly for the Mac than the PC>!>!>!!! So why oh why doesnt Apple do the same for the PC??

    Your thoughts are most welcome and respected!!!

    Donovan aka Prom1:D
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    Re: Apples' Market Position....

    The problem was that the clones were faster and less expensive than the machines Apple was selling, which caused sales of genuine Apple Macs to fall sharply and sales of Mac clones to rise sharply. The licensing agreements by which Umax, Motorola, etc. paid money to Apple in exchange for the rights to manufacture the clones did pad Apple's losses to some extent, but not nearly enough.

    Why buy a Mac when you can just get a cheaper, faster PC for which all the great Mac apps are available? It's again a suicidal proposition for Apple.
    This is kind of the same as your second question. You have to look at the Mac as a single package consisting of both hardware and software, that is greater than the sum of its parts. Every nugget Apple gives the PC world is one less advantage the Mac has over the PC, and every less advantage the Mac has over the PC is another reason not to buy a Mac.

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    Totally agree with alex.

    Search the boards for Marklar Prom1
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    no , the clones where not selling as they should have sold.
    just read an article the other day about that in a book about marketing strategies.
    i will post the name of the book and the author tomorrow.
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    Alex thanks for your quick response.

    I didnt mean for all of Apples apps but just the ones that are so compelling and superior to their counterparts on the PC. I mentioned AppleWorks for comparison.

    Although I mostly agree with you Alex, I differ in the case of the iPod which was such a hit for the Mac world that PC users worldwide were dying for it! Yes this product is easier because its a digital appliance and not the digital hub itself, but surely Apple can think of something. Moreover, just because an app is outstanding on the Mac doesnt mean it'll run just as sweetly on a PC-a machine from many different parts manufacturers. But I still says its worth a try to some degree not all applications and products. Even now the iPod for PC is a hit!

    Bidge thanks for your reply also, and will do!
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    the book is called marketing strategies by george h. lucas ferrell and another guy
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    I guess they didn't notice all the big deals that PowerComputing was securing from various Apple customers. It's true that the others were selling machines slowly but none were in the forefront as was PowerComputing who showed the first 275 MHz G3 machine with 1:1 backside cache. :)

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