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Apple's new headphones?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by thejadedmonkey, May 11, 2006.

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    This guy may be on to something...I've got no idea, but it sounds cool and I thought I'd share. If not for the iPod, maybe for the Cellular Tellular?
  2. TMA
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    That blog is quite interesting,

    He seems to have some inside links as he posted a screenshot of bootcamp before it was released and talks of a 'big surprise' right before apple announce the new MacBook Pro with its name change from PowerBook.

    About the iPod earphones, he also claims Apple are working on technology to enable deaf people to use iPods.
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    Deaf people can use iPods now, they just can't hear them, and I have a feeling that's gonna have to be the way it stays... :confused:
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    No wonder why Apple doesn't like the blogs! This guy is pretty dead on about things. (Unless he quickly edits the dates?)

    Either way im adding this to my bookmarks
  5. TMA
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    Hey guys,

    Have a look what's been added to that blog today, it looks far too amateur to be anything official. I'm loosing faith in this guy/girl.

    "So I recently came across this ad floating around the building. I figured I'd scan it in and post it:

    Looks like marketing is trying to emphasize the fact that the hard of hearing can use this iPod and still communicate via sign language. It sure seems like the launch is just around the corner..."

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    Looks very fake...
  7. TMA
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    That's what I thought, but the trusting optimist inside of me wants to believe this could just be an early mockup/concept illustration.

    But yes it is pretty ugly.
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    Wow thats fake. Just how big is the market for deaf people? Would it really make that much of a difference in the grand scheme of things?
  9. TMA
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    I think i'd be slightly offended by that advert if I was deaf.
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    The whole website is fake. In almost every post he mentions the fact he works at the Infinite Loop. It's too obviously a fake.

    Some loser with an obsession.

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    Blogger allows entry dates to be changed with wild abandon. Comments would expose such a thing, but there aren't any. It's not that I think this blog is entirely bogus, but ... yeah, I do think so.

    [Edit: And sure enough, the Boot Camp image is dated 10 May.]

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