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Apple's new iMac is the gold standard of desktop PCs, says Walt Mossberg

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by macdreamer, Nov 30, 2005.

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    I think Apple is paying Walt.

    He's just too giddy on Apple lately.
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    i disagree that apple paid him. however, i agree that he is kinda too enthusiastic about apple. however, it never annoys or bothers me one bit when i see these kinds of people.
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    I read that in the paper today. Glad to see it getting some good publicity. :cool:
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    Will Cheyney

    Exactly :)
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    I enjoy Mossberg's columns and he has every right to worship any products he chooses, but he does seem to be effusively praiseworthy with respect to most Apple offerings. The positive aspect is that it does makes him appear consistent, while the downside is that certain people will view him as a company cheerleader with a media outlet behind him, which can lower his credibility over time in the minds of some readers.
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    He said the remote receiver is hidden behind the Apple logo.

    Is this correct? - I thought the embedded iSight camera received the signal?

    Sorry if I'm a bit out of date on this.

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    Yes, the IR receiver is hidden in the Apple logo.
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    He use to be a big critic of Apple. Now he probably visits Macrumors. In the last year, he does seem to be a Apple cheerleader. I don't think he is paid by Apple, just a fan.
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    "The combination of the new, improved hardware, plus Front Row, makes the iMac G5 the best consumer desktop you can buy this holiday season, period. For mainstream consumers doing typical tasks -- Web surfing, email, office productivity, photos, music, home videos, etc. -- it's the finest desktop PC on the market, at any price."
    That does sound as if this was written by Jobs himself, but I do believe Mossberg simply thinks quite highly of the new iMac, as he should.
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    Journalists aren't any more immune to getting bitten by the Mac bug than the rest of us. I think we've read so many negative Mac stories in the press over the years that when someone influential writes about Macs the way *we* write about Macs, we're immediately suspicious.

    I predict that over the coming year we'll see more articles like this from mainstream tech journalists. Get used to it. :)
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    am I the only one that prefers thaqt Apple stays small market. high quality computers, elitist attitude, it was all good :cool:
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    Aren't we all a little bit too enthusiastic about apple ?
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    At least he does point out some perceived shortcomings of the iMac. I didn't get the impression he was going over the top with the review, but I also don't have all of his past reviews of Apple and MS products to use as comparison.

    I thought it was reasonably well-written article.

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