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Apple's No.1 hit

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Apr 20, 2006.

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    Link: Apple's No.1 hit

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    I HOPE THIS IS TRUE! record execs are greedy...right on jobs. ;)
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    i hope its true too, but its in the POST, so most likely the opposite is true
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    Analog Kid

    Given the other article today, that the labels finally saw a growth in income because of downloads, probably goes a long way towards explaining their change of heart. I don't think iTMS is 10% of Apple's profits, but it's close to that for the labels.
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    as soon as one of those greedy bastards opens their mouth to say something's not fair to their artists i know immediately they're lying through their teeth. i can't wait for the apple v apple suit to be over so apple computer can start signing artists directly.

    like analog kid says the other article points out exactly how much these guys are lying. the ones making money are at least being honest

    sit on that and spin bronfman
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    Thank you Jobs for not letting the record execs intimidate you!
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    Way to go Jobs!!! :)

    Keep up the fight. :)
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    Sorry about the CAPS in the heading guys, too lazy to re type that part of the heading when I posted it.:rolleyes:
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    You don't mess with The Steve. He's bigger and badder than all those record company people put together, and three times smarter too.
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    It's like they don't understand...if you change it to variable pricing, the service will lose value and won't sell at all. DUH

    Fat Cats people can be so stupid some times.
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    I've seen retailers that are involved with the largest music chain stores in Canada sell a CD for $20, while a retailer owned by a different chain may have it for $5-10 cheaper at the same time
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    It always seems these "Apple vs Record Industry" stories are dominated by quotes from record industry sources, giving many of these stories a definite slant away from Apples' position. Trash talking because they know at the negotiating table they have much more potential to lose then Apple if they pull their artists out of iTunes.
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    Simply Woot

    Woot! Now if the cost would only drop.
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    Go Jobs!!! Keep It Up!!! You Are A God!!!
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    Woohoo! :D Way to go, Steve!

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