apple's response to scratching?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by susannahyork, Oct 26, 2005.

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    with all the complaints about the nanos and the 5g ipods scratching, what do y'all think is the likely hood that future versions of booth will address the problem.... and how soon would that be likely to happen if they do?
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    I am quite sure apple will address this issue in future revisions. The fact that there was even a lawsuit about it only makes it more likely. Apple is a consumer-aware company, and will listen to a negative response such as this.
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    Maybe they will start a "Life comes with scratches" campaign and convince people it's a feature. :eek: ;) :D
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    hahaha, nice. :p
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    They've already addressed the issue with the new Video iPod, now it comes with a case (unlike the Nano).
    I think Apple should give a free case for all of those who bought the Nano (just a cheap one similar to those that come with the V iPod).
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    I remember getting a 3G ipod and I clearly remember it was just as easy to scratch as my new nano. Only difference, the black brings out the scratches more. I doubt they will ever address the issue besides providing that cheap case.
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    Next revision they will certainly be using different building materials and it will figure large into the appeal of the new player. They'll probably be able to afford it by that point.

    Or it could come with an agreement that you sign promising not to sue.

    Effin ell.

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