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Appleturns.com resumes broadcast...

Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by MrMacMan, Apr 29, 2003.

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    Well once again the 'daily' show which turned into a 'no-show' for a while has finally come back and might acually update once in a while instead of never (they had a baby, but apparently the last show before the 'no show' they said they would return to a regular schedule, ha) ...

    Those of you who don't know, it is a well written, comedy/daily apple news all rolled into one. They got links and I like their point of view.

    I don't hope I'm the only one who has read their stuff.

    Just wanted to inform the people who have visited here and then stoped checking because of their idle-ness.
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    Re: Appleturns.com resumes broadcast...

    Yeah, i enjoyed that site while it was up. i'll have to add it to "crazyapplerumors" on my list of sites to check for apple humor again... thanks dude.
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    Well, it's about bloody time!:D

    Never a day went by without my tuning into my favorite soap opera. Then never a week went by...then never a month...then...well, babies can do that to a webmaster.:)

    Funny, I went there yesterday because I thought for sure they'd be up with a new episode due to the Monday doings at Apple...and I was crushed to find the same old page up. I might have just left it for dead if not for this handy forum and MrMacman. Thanks!:D
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    No problem I took checked daily along with penny arcade, slashdot, macslash, and I am always here, like 20/7, no kidding.

    Addicted to macrumors... :eek:
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    Seriously, though, they REALLY need to change the look of their site...Its old school....What interface is that anyway? System 8.0?
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    very old school, it looks like a webpage from the early 90s, shudder

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