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AppleTV 2: No music or Podcasts

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by ipedro, Sep 1, 2010.

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    Wow... Although I see the reworking of AppleTV as a good thing for new users, for current users, it is a step waaaay down.

    I use my AppleTV for the following, according to priority:

    1 - Music -- I use the Remote App from my bed or around the house to select music on AppleTV to play.

    2 - Podcasts -- These are the new world of television. Who needs most of the crappy tv shows that run on network tv and cable when great podcasts fill that niche?

    3 - Movie Rentals -- I rarely every buy a movie because I long ago rationalized what Apple is now saying: you can rent a movie several times before it reaches the price of purchasing. I will watch a movie once or twice. If I watch it again, it'll be years later. Paying a small rental fee instead of having to manage store is ok with me.

    4 - TV shows -- I didn't often buy TV shows because they were pricey and I'll watch a TV episode less repeated than I would a TV show. The 99¢ price point for TV shows is perhaps the real only improvement on AppleTV 2.

    My top 2 priorities, music and podcasts are gone. And from the looks of it, TV shows in Canada are gone as well, omitting the only advantage the new AppleTV had over the first one.

    I really hope that they don't remove the availability of TV show purchases on the first apple tv.
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    After looking more in depth, Podcasts are still there. They're just given less importance and are grouped under Internet. I guess it's appropriate.

    As for music, I think it was left out but will make a reappearance once Apple figures out contracts with music studios for cloud streaming. These weren't in place for this launch and there's no local storage on the new AppleTV so they had to go.
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    What resolution did :apple:TV 1 output?
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    You'll still be able to stream music.
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    Does anyone read the product pages anymore?

    Content from your Mac’s iTunes is now listed under “Computers.” Content directly from the Internet (like streamable podcasts) are now listed under “Internet.”


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    ^ I know AppleTV still streams music. Steve said it during his keynote. What has been taken away is the ability to use AppleTV as a standalone music player. If you only have MacBooks at home, you're going to have to leave them open, and have iTunes running to be able to play music. That's quite a step back.
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    It's a shame they didn't give us the ability to attach an external disk drive. I was hoping that it would have the functionality of a $100 WDTV with a much better UI. I would have paid $150 for that. :) The lack of analog audio outputs makes it unusable for me too.
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    I don't think you have to leave them open if you're running Snow Leopard. Wouldn't it do the Wake On Demand thing? I hardly ever turn my macbook pro on my desk off or even close the lid when I am finished using it. I just let it sleep on its own.
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    The new AppleTV is a standalone nothing, so it makes sense that it would stream not store music. The real killer on music, as noted above, is that the ATV now only has optical audio out. The AirportExpress has analog out, which allow you to use relatively cheap speakers (which maybe you don't want with your TV, but it does limit your music options).

    But I agree, having a computer on all the time to support your AppleTV is a little challenging - especially if that central computer is a laptop. I think Apple should have some sort of centralized storage option, but that doesn't quite fit with their model at the moment. Home Sharing was a step in that direction, but not quite there.
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    Does the music streaming capabilities of appleTV work with a PC computer and not a mac?

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