AppleTV 2 not recognizing MobileMe account

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by naples98, Oct 7, 2010.

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    I got the AppleTV 2 and I have everything set up on it but it does not recognize my MobileMe account name so it won't allow me to even enter the password.

    I currently have the 60 trial version of MobileMe and plan on paying for the year subscription when that runs out. Do you think the trial version may be the problem? It works fine on my MacBook pro, iPad, and iPhone fine.

    Any suggestions?
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    If you mean you are trying to add a MobileMe account under the Internet menu choice then just drop the @ extension. I.e if your account is or then just enter appletv
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    Yeah, I've tried that but no luck. :confused:
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    I have a full/paid MobileMe account. Having the same problem as naples98, and tried the same solution as SonicStomp suggested. No luck.

    Any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated!!

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    I haven't done much with my MobileMe account yet but creating a Gallery in my MobileMe account seemed to fix the problem with MobileMe not recognizing my account.
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    Me too

    Does not recognize either with and without the

    my login "gqgianni" doesn't work also
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    This feature DOES NOT log you into your MobileMe account. It simply attempts to access your public gallery to retrieve photos. If you don't have a public gallery, it wont work.

    You can access any other public gallery here to, those of your friends/family and they will be stored for later browsing.

    Edit: I might add that I tried to log in several times before working this out ;)

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