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AppleTV / AirPlay question

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by RandomJunk, Oct 14, 2010.

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    Does anyone know if the AirPlay function in iOS 4.2 will allow you to stream from your iPad/Pod/Phone to a friends AppleTV?
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    Can't say for sure but my guess would be yes as long as you are connected to their network. I can't imagine that it wouldn't work as this would be a huge benefit to AirPlay. I'm assuming of course that AirPlay requires Wi-Fi support?

    Or do the devices connect directly to each other via some Ad Hoc connection voodoo? Even if it was Ad Hoc I would assume that a simple setting could be implemented in the AirPlay software that would allow you to control what devices were allowed access. I'm curious as well if anyone has clearer information on this. Cheers!

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    Surf Monkey

    We won't know until it comes out, but if it works like the current AirPort Express setup all you'll need to do is join their LAN and it should work. If their home share is password protected you'll need to enter that info too. But again, until it's released we won't know for sure.
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    I'm hopeful it will work with something as simple as the remote pairing number... but equally I can see Apple blocking it from some sort of copyright / rights holder point of view.

    Has the AirPlay been in any of the 4.2 beta releases?
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    Yes it will, but currently in the betas we only get audio, no video, and so far the audio is a few seconds behind (its not in sync with whats on my iPad, but hopefully this will get fixed). Last night I was playing Real Racing and Tap Tap Radiation on my iPad and I had the Audio streaming out of my Home Theatre system, it was awesome.

    I think this is the main point for AirPlay. The ability to visit a Family/Friends house (or vise versa) and share what is on your iDevice with everyone else and not have to huddle over a 3.5-9.7" screen.
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    Excellent - Thanks!
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    ugh, i can't wait for this!


    I think we may need another Apple TV... (or 2). :cool:
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    i have a question. when i use my remote app i am able to air play to all my locations using airport express and t my new and old applt tv's.. but from the new apple tv on screen menu i do not see those other airport express locations. i go to airplay and it just asks on or off. i thought i would be able to see my other locations. i think my old apple tv did that.
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    My guess would be that as the new AppleTV only streams from something else, it wouldn't make sense for it to be able to stream what it's streaming to another set of speakers - you'd do that from the iTunes/Remote App you're using to control the Apple TV.

    The old AppleTV had a hard disk with it's own content, so it would make sense that it could stream the music to another set of speakers.
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    Mines on order - I'm also thinking of getting one for my son for his TV - hence the 'guest access' question!
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    Wow that is a cool use. Never thought about using it for games that way. I wonder if developers are going to start adding 5.1 audio to their games so you can play them like that?
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    that is kinda what i thought, but it would be a nice feature since i never use my iphone or ipad as the remote. i like using my bose remote to control all my devices including my apple tv. would of been nice to switch from watching tv with my bose remote and switch to music through out the home with out having to grab another device. oh well. maybe they will add the feature with an update. i was just wondering if my apple tv was not picking up my airport express stations on my network.

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