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AppleTv and now... IPAD

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by newt2mac, Jun 24, 2010.

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    so, ive had an appletv for a few years and converted my whole dvd library via handbrake using the APPLETV preset. Also converted some avis using visualhub and the appletv preset. Now, with my new ipad, it looks like i have to reencode. Can I reencode from my already encoded file or do i have to use the original?
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    Doesn't it look fine on an iPad?

    If not, I'd use the original unless your re-encoding to a lower quality version.
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    I don't understand why you would have to re-encode. I think the general consensus right now is to use the Apple TV preset unless you are working with HD content.
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    Why re-encode at all the iPad will have no problems playing files encoded to AppleTV specs, and if an AppleTV encoded file is good enough for your living room TV at 32" and upwards then it's going to be good enough for your iPad with it's tiny 9.7" screen.
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    i agree thats what i thought, but when i try to sync with my iPad or Ipod Touch for that matter, it doesn't allow it saying format not recognized. but they play fine on my apple tv and within iTunes
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    My older Handbrake conversions will not play on the iPad. I had to re-encode with the current version of Handbrake. The video codec profile was set to a value that was not compatible with the iPad.
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    Yeah, I was less than impressed that I can play new 720p rips but not old 720*275. The new device should play all codecs from older apple products, sloppy really.
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    What exactly is causing it not to play? I wish MP4 files could scale to any device. I have to have special files for PSP, Playstation, Apple TV, iPod 5G, iPhone, iPad. I just want a good quality mp4 file that will run on everything. I did notice the Zune (older version) played normal ripped Handbrake DVDs with no problem.
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    Well specifically that would be the Apple >Universal Preset with the ac3 track removed for sony device compatibility.
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    i can see it when i select things to sync to my ipad, but after the sync is done, it says "some of the videos could not be synced" and it just doesnt even copy them to the iPad
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    I found that you can change the ending .m4v or .mp4 on some encoded videos and then they work. I forgot which way but just do the opposite of these two.
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    I like to use air video for files that won't play.
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    My experience is similar to what others mentioned in that movies ripped with the ATV preset play fine on my iPad.
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    what about converting avis to mp4s with visual hub and the appletv preset?
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    Chris Rogers

    I did this last month with a few files and for some reason they lost the sound

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