AppleTV gone from iTunes. Nothing I've tried will get it back.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Itogator, Aug 9, 2009.

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    Hello to all.

    I have an :apple:TV that has disappeared from Itunes. None of the old fixes gets it back. :apple:TV works when I try to watch youtube or a movie trailer. It is hooked up wirelessly and my router is an Airport Extreme. I tried restarting itunes and :apple:TV, re installing itunes, restoring :apple:TV and updating it, I verified that "look for apple tvs" was checked in iTunes, I restarted my mac, I unplugged my router and :apple:TV and none of this has worked. I called apple support and they had me do all these steps over and nothing has worked. Apple support said they can't do anymore unless I buy Applecare for :apple:TV.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I buy Applecare? Any help will be greatly appreciated. BTW, I am running the latest versions of Itunes and :apple:TV
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    Can you bring your laptop to the Apple TV and plug it in directly via ethernet and see if it works that way? Then you can start adding in your network from there. You might try dropping all security from your wireless router and turn features back on one by one.
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    Brilliant idea, thank you.

    I connected the apple tv to my mac via an ethernet cable at it shows in the device list! The only problem is that when I unplug the cable, it disappears. This leads me to believe it is a network issue. Do you have any ideas on why this happened all of the sudden and how to fix it? The only way I can use apple tv is wirelessly.

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    I tried resetting my airport extreme and that didn't fix the problem.
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    Are you sure your Apple TV is connected to the router wireless-ly? I don't know about the extreme, but most routers let you see the ip addresses connected to it. If you type in your default gateway into your web browser it should bring up your router config. Usually your default gateway is, but again, I don't use an extreme... could possible be Then you should see if it's connected or not.
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    Whenever I lose the AppleTV from my iTunes, I find I can get it back by reconnecting the AppleTV to the network. It's annoying, but it's always worked for me.
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    Thanks to those who have replied.

    I know the atv is connected to my network because I can see youtube and movie trailers off of it. It just doesn't show up in itunes unless it is direct wired.
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    Are you sure it is connected to your network and not a neighbor's wireless network?
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    I checked on the atv menu and it is connected to my home network.
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    Is your Apple TV linked to your iTunes library, i.e. can you see it via the ATV menu ?
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    Same thing happened to me...

    and man was I frustrated. But it all came down to me being a bonehead.

    My :apple:TV was connected to my wireless network BUT for whatever reason my computer was connected to the neighbors network.

    Worth looking into...

    Hope you figure it out man.
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    I'm not sure what you mean. Could you please clarify?
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    The Same thing happened to me today whem i tried to Sync my Apple tv to iTunes... it wasn´t found...
    Made a Reset on my apple tv and checked my Airport extreme base station ... tried to look for any update ... it hasn´t been found yet by iTunes!!!
    Would it be caused by the latest Tiger Security Update last week???
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    There are 2 ways to connect an itunes library to itunes, one is connect to iTunes, the other is to connect to a shared library.

    I always connect to iTunes, if I connect to a shared library, then I loose the :apple:tv in itunes, with it beginning connected it never drops.
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    Problem Solved

    Just re-instaled iTunes and turned apple tv ON..yeahhh!!!

    Thank you guys and hope it helps !!!
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    I'm glad you solved your issue. I had tried reinstalling iTunes
    but that didn't work. I'm still stuck.
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    I know frustrating!

    Itogator...yeah frustrating. This exact thing happened to me. I also have an AirPort Exrtreme, but my whole iTunes library resides on an external hard drive connected via USB to the APE. I'm not sure if that is your setup or not. I would have one laptop connecting to Sync with ATV and another to Stream only. What I recall doing is removing any trace of connected computers from ATV and going into my iTunes menu under the ATV tab and removing any reference to an ATV there as well. Once I did that, I restarted iTunes, ensured that the iTunes library file is pointed to the correct location (since I'm running off the external HDD, but always good to verify), then I initiated adding a computer under the Computers menu in ATV. As soon as the five digit code appears to enter into your computer, your ATV should appear in the iTunes left-side menu. That worked for me in every case that this has happened to me (at least twice now) and it's worked.

    If you ever do use an external HDD connected to your APE, you will always need to mount the drive first before opening iTunes, verify the library file is pointed to the EHDD. If it isn't pointed to it, redirect, accept changes, and you will see the library file rebuild itself. Do NOT hit yes when it asks if you want to move files (I forget the exact verbage, but say no!). I said yes onetime and it created duplicate copies of all my iTunes files in the library.

    If this prob happens to me again, I will write down the exact steps I perform and repost. Good luck.
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    Thanks Cheech. I tried what you suggested and Atv still doesn't show in my iTunes device list. I think I am at the point where I'm going to purchase applecare for my atv. The guy at apple told me the other night that I had til october to buy it for $49. That would get me to a product specialist and if they can't fix it they would replace it. Anyone have any experience or tips with applecare?
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    The same thing happened to me. The only solution I found (after about a month of searching and experimenting) was to do an archive and install of the OS. I know, it sucks, but my AppleTV works now.

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    Do you mean archive and reinstall Lepoard? How would I do this?
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    Yeah, that's what I mean. Put your Leopard Disk in, start the installer, and then there should be an option somewhere to "Archive and Install." It's not too bad, after the installation,everything should return to where it was at before the installation.

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    So you're saying all of my data will remain? My worry is that by reinstalling leopard it will go back to the way it was when it arrived from the factory.
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    You should be fine. From what I understand, the issue comes from a corruption with Bonjour. Archive and Install reinstalls this.

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    Thanks P-Worm, I'll try this tonight. BTW, I just noticed
    your avatar. Go Utes! Go Gators!

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