AppleTV not a "leg" on Apple's chair anymore?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by aristobrat, Jun 9, 2008.

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    I know that Apple considers AppleTV a "hobby", but wasn't it always shown as one of the four legs of Apple's chair (along with the Mac, iTunes, and the iPhone)?

    Now there's only three legs (per the side at today's WWDC keynote)?

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    Tallest Skil

    It never was. Steve said that it's just a hobby.
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    yep, and until it catches on, a hobby it will stay. it has a lot of growth potential and it needs time to mature.
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    That's what I got it confused with.

    Thanks. :)
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    Bingo. Same with the iPod line, which is certainly a critical part of Apple's financial foundation.
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    Leg or no leg, I love my two ATVs.
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    they need to bring out an :apple:Tv with a much bigger hdd, a 250gig and 500gig version would be best imo.
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    i think the atv falls under music. i'm not too worried about it. i 'seems' to be catching on.

    plus, today was a developer's conference meeting. i'm not surprised it wasn't mentioned.
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    ME 2 !!!

    40 gigs is great and just stream the movies from the terabyte HD's

    and being able to box up and store the hundreds of DVDs and not worry about scratches or the messy stacks of them laying around anymore :D
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    stream movies from the terrabyte external networked drive...

    well that would be all fine and dandy but it requires a computer running itunes to be switched on to stream the data to the :apple:tv, it really shouldn't require this. :apple:tv should be able to read and pull the data from an external network hdd without a computer being on.
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    Jeff Hall

    AppleTV will remain what people perceive as neglect by Apple until the movie studios figure out that their business model is doomed. Every complaint I hear about Apple TV with regards to Rentals/Purchases is almost always rooted in stupid restrictions the studios are imposing (variable pricing, some for rent, some not, rental time limits...etc).
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    I'd prefer the opposite - a flash-based :apple:tv with enough storage for the OS and not a lot else. Streaming for the win, and no moving parts!

    Agreed. If Apple want to limit sharing to machines running iTunes, then they should at least provide all the capabilities that a normal iTunes client can expect (e.g. playlists). If not, then let us mount networked filesystems.
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    As the films are pretty well priced here in the UK, I expect that we'll see Apple's film rentals and :apple:TV sales do pretty well now.
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    I would like a 32GB flash-based :apple:tv that could be mounted in a car. :cool:
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    Don't care about hard drive space.......

    Just give me more power from the engines!

    Faster CPU, better video card would mean better HD capability.
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    Then go buy one
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    Will the iPod touch automatically sync when I pull in the driveway? Does it include a remote? Does it not cost $500? Thanks, anyway.

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