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AppleTV on non-HD CRT

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by cbrain, Mar 4, 2007.

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    I have a non-HD CRT television which has a component input on the back. Will AppleTV work with it?

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    are you sure that's a component input rather than a composite input? if you know the difference and sure it's a component input, then yes.
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    It is component, it has blue, red and green, connectors. It just doesn't have audio connectors, so I'll probably buy have to buy a cheap surround system.
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    I believe it has to be a widescreen set that supports at least 480p resolution according to their site.

    That is the main thing that is confusing to me about the Apple TV, making it support older TVs would have added very little cost and made it available to a much larger audience. Sure the menus will look great in HD but the videos will be very lacking...

    I think I'll just buy a dock for my iPod to watch iTunes content on my TV...
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    I hope it ends up working on 480i TV w/ component..but really they could have add Composite
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    There are many non-HDTV TVs with component video connectors. Some of them are not widescreen. I strongly think that a 4:3 TV with component video will work with the Apple TV as long as it supports 480p by letterboxing.

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    i was actually woundering the same thing becuase ive got a 32" crt tv w/ component video connectors

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