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AppleTV OS? Werid?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by semaja2, Mar 25, 2007.

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    I was just playing around with the AppleTV OS and it seems some things they decided to leave even though you would think they would be trying to slim it down...

    Things as simple as the base webpage for a user still exists in the OS along with iChat icons for users, then theres some parts of xgrid and other parts missing, it just seems odd to me to leave these things as small as they may be you would think they would be trying to cut everything out they can...

    Also just browsing the files i came across a Apple logo that im assuming is used somewhere in the boot, could be interesting to play around and see if we can hook their efi with ours and see about it.

    But at the core it seems they did a quick rush job on making a miniOS as there is references to things that you wouldnt expect, and patches like the dock etc

    Whats your thoughts on it?
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    Perhaps it was a sort of rush job as you say, because perhaps they knew all along with Leopard on the horizon, that they'd be updating the OS soon? Anyway just speculation, but I'd be very surprised if they released Leopard and didn't update :apple: TV.
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    First objective of "slimming down" for a 256MB RAM device with <1Ghz cpu would be to slim down what actually loads on the system -- the stuff that makes eats up system memory, cpu cycles, etc. Get rid of non-essentials, and you have a slimmed down OS.

    The size of the stuff contained on drive doesn't matter much unless you need to fit it on a floppy, CD, etc. What you've describe takes up what? Maybe ~100MB or so? That really isn't much of a big deal that they can't clean up at a later point in time... It's not like they needed to slim it down (in size) to the point of fitting on a 3.5" floppy drive. :p
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    It'd be interesting to see what the /etc/rc file looks like, to learn what it's loading... toward the end of the file it should fires up SystemStarter, which kicks in what's in /System/Library/StartupItems and /Library/StartupItems (it'd be interesting to hear what's in those dirs.) Coreservices starts what's under /System/Library/CoreServices (I think) via the loginwindow kicking in...

    Dunno... some of you OS X gurus help me out here with some info/suggestions/corrections... I've had my head buried in more Linux than OS X most of my computing life! ;)
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    yes i know that they slimmed most down but still some stupid files remain, plus 100mb could equal that extra show for all you know, 40gig aint much ;)

    also i did notice the rc file was massively difference from the original OSX one but i didnt compare the other rc.xxx files.

    but the point of the thread is to point out what you found while playing around in the OS files :p

    PS. someone tell me if you get it working on a imac :p

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