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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by mwp98223, Jul 10, 2008.

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    I may have missed an update somewhere along the line, but I THINK this is new with today's update for MobileMe.

    You can now BROWSE pictures on the AppleTV. This is true for both MobileMe galleries and albums you have synced from iPhoto. Instead of the uncontrolled slide show from the past, you can now open an album/gallary and it starts with a grid of the pictures available. You have control to select individual pictures and to open and hold just one picture on the screen. The slideshow is still and option, but not the first or only option.

    This is a BIG improvement. Am I wrong, was this changed before today?
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    Same here. Great new feature. Was not worth showing pictures to visiting family members until now.
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    it was on the 2.0 software, they just switched mobile me from .mac.

    it's fun to have photos stream from the web and not take up HD space.
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    Billy Boo Bob

    I don't think so... The ability to browse through thumbnails to pick and choose which photos you look at, without being forced to watch a slideshow, is new to this update.
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    my bad. i didn't read the entire post. :)
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    when you say synced from Iphoto, does the browse option cover all pics synced to the ATV, irrespective of source? I am currently using a PC and sync a dedicated folder to the ATV.will this come up with broswer functionality?

    Also how about Flickr?
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    Billy Boo Bob

    Probably. It's just one step added in... Used to be that when you had a list of libraries (or iPhoto catalogs or whatever they are), and you selected one, it put you straight into a slideshow. Now, you get a scrolling page of thumbnails, with a slideshow button at the top.

    When you select an image from the thumbnail, hit the play button to make it full screen, you can navigate with the left and right buttons to step through them. Hit the play button at any time and you'll start a slideshow at that point.

    I would assume Flickr does. I tried out a couple .Mac / MobileMe libraries and they came up with thumbnails the same way.

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