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AppleTV Rentals being deleted

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by albebaubles, Dec 1, 2010.

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    I've an Appletv2..

    since the ios4.2 update every time I rent a movie, if I don't choose to play the movie the monute AppleTV says it's available but instead choose to watch say an hour later -- appletv DELETES THE MOVIE AND STARTS THE DOWNLOAD AGAIN.

    This is happening everytime I attempt to watch a rented movie.

    Anyone seen this?
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    Just a thought, but you might try resetting the unit to see if that solves it.
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    Oh yeah, did that first thing.

    One additional note - I am using netflix quite a bit. If a rented movie is stored does it have to be deleted for a person to watch a netflix movie? Say it ain't so.
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    Maybe so. The storage on the AppleTV is quite limited (8GB, I think). The best thing to do would be to set up an experiment renting a movie and leaving it for an hour, and then renting a movie, leaving it alone, and watching a Netflix movie...
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    Turns out my slowdowns were related to using Google for my DNS. Once I switched it back to my provider downloads improved considerably.

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