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AppleTV - Ripping DVD Settings - Help

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by HelixOmnimedia, Jan 27, 2007.

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    Can someone tell me what settings I should be using to convert Movies and TV shows (on DVD which I own) to make them work in with the :apple:TV?
    Some of them are widescreen and normal fullscreen.

    I've already done some, but someone told me i used the wrong settings I'm really :mad: at myself for wasting time using the wrong settings.

    I want the picture quality to be good - when playing on my 52" Plasma (it isn't HD) But I am looking into buying an HD TV in the next few months - so I want the content to work with the new TV, the new :apple:TV and possibly the "new true video ipod" (if and whenever it gets released).

    I have the following programs installed: Handbrake, MPEG Streamclip, and MacTheRipper. I just don't know what is the best for what I want (i hear its MPEG Streamclip) but I don't know what settings to use in any of the programs.

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    The way I do it is rip with MactheRipper, then convert with Handbrake.
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    I suggest that you wait for the actual device to ship before converting any movies. You might be able to convert movies spec-wise for it but you can't be 100% sure they'll work until you try them.

    As for programs, I can't recommend VisualHub enough. It should be able to support the 720p H.264 (again, at least specwise) and also convert un-encrypted DVD VIDEO_TS folders (ripped with MacTheRipper) to almost any format. VisualHub does cost some money but if you're going to convert a lot of movies, it's definately worth it. There are almost weekly updates for it as well so it's very actively developed with new features added constantly.


    Why the extra step of ripping with MacTheRipper when Handbrake can do the ripping on the fly while encoding?

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    720p doesn't really matter when the content's coming from a 576 DVD.
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    Yeah, or 480 in the US. Can VisualHub actually upscale? I very much doubt it.
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    I meant to convert HDTV material to 720p such as Matroska (mkv) files. Upscaling DVDs is just stupid.

    And yes, VisualHub can upscale...

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    Remember that Steve said that :apple:TV can play the same things as iTunes (I'm guessing without external QuickTime plug-ings).

    So far all my HandBrake rips play just fine in iTunes (Original DVD size (720xWhatever), H.264 @ Quality 60, AAC @ 128kbps).
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    It'd be nice to be able to preserve the 5.1 sound - but I haven't found any good way to automatically transcode AC3 5.1>AAC 5.1.
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    Becauxe MactheRipper does a better job of it, and I can rip and encode at the same time.
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    Wait a sec. Movies ripped from dvds and playing on itunes won't have 5.1?
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    Yes, that's the status quo until someone comes up with a way to encode 5.1 AAC.

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    Well that sucks. Why would anyone buy AppleTV then? What's the point if I can't get 5.1 on my own movies. I want to do to my DVDS what I did to my cds, put them in a box at the back of the closet.
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    I agree (and this is from someone who doesn't have a 5.1 setup).

    A quite indepth discussion here: http://forums.macrumors.com/forumdisplay.php?f=78
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    You can encode 5.1!!!!

    Unfortunately, the only solution costs $150 Cinematize 2.0 Pro + QT Pro. With that combo you can convert the AC-3 to AAC 5.1 and it should work with the AppleTV from what I understand from the specs so far.

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