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AppleTV Shortage?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by blizaine, Aug 21, 2009.

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    I was just at Best Buy to purchase a second ATV and they were out. So I had them check to see if they had any at their other stores. All 15+ locations that showed up on the screen said they were all out of stock except one. It had two but it was 2 hrs away. Also, every store showed "0" on order. The guy said that the only time this happens is when a product is EOL or being replaced.

    I also tired searching in several zip codes on the BB website when I got home and it looked like most did not have any available for store pickup.

    It shows "Ships in 24 hrs" on Apples site, so it could be nothing, but I thought I'd let you guys know.
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    It's good news to hear that it is there is more of a chance that the :apple:tv will either get new hardware or that it's just going to stop selling them.
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    It seems of the closest 6 best buys, only 2 have them available. I really really hope there is something to this.
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    Just checked mine and none of my 6 stores have any instock. And did you notice that they only have the 40gb model and it is priced and $249?
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    If this is true then we might see something new. Nice!
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    This got me thinking. My local Walmart and Target both carried Apple TV at the beginning of July and now neither has had any in stock for weeks. I just checked both their websites and neither one even recognizes it exists. The Apple TV is a great concept but I purchased one last year and just didnt like it. It was hard to use and you cant rent moives the same day you can buy them. Hopefully the rumors that the Tablet will replace the Apple TV are true and that it will be announced next month!
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    There are none in my area as well.
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    It is kinda sad that I have not even bothered to hook up my :apple:TV after I moved. What I'm still hoping for is something that will handle the back end. Kind of like the HP MediaSmart Home Servers (sigh).

    If Apple doesn't get into that market I will definitely buy a HP after the holiday season. My Time Capsule and Airport Extreme, nice as they are, are simply not full featured enough to be considered home servers.

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    6 store in the st louis area have none as well ...
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    Seems like a refresh/discontinuation is immenant.
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    The tablet will not replace Apple TV. The two products serve completely different purposes.
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    No problem finding them here in Vancouver. I just bought one this afternoon :):apple:
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    Just check my Zip in Phoenix and not available in the surrounding BB stores. Good news, I hope.
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    How will a tablet replace the AppleTV?
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    Is the tablet going to have 120g of storage and audio and video outputs? I dont know about you, but id rather watch my media on a 46" TV than a 6-10" ipod touch. So hoping that this tablet "replaces" apple TV is just scary. Hopefully we see a strong refresh and a totally revamped machine.
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    Only one store showing in stock in the Baltimore area.
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    Yea Towson has one! East of Bmore is sold out . . . .
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    Tallest Skil

    60%: Discontinuation
    40%: Hardware update

    Sad, really. :(
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    Or most likely neither. Apple store has both ATV models as "shipping within 24 hours".
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    thats very generous of you, I was thinking more like:
    80%: Discontinuation
    20%: Hardware update
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    You dont remember the rumor a few weeks ago that the tablet would include some kind of dock for the tv.
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    The AppleTV will not be discontinued... The majority of Best Buy stores did not carry these in-stock on a regular basis.
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    Well hopefully you won't feel disappointed about your purchase if something new and improved is announced in a couple of weeks.
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    I was the biggest Apple TV advocate until I realized that the PS3's media capabilities blow the ATV out of the water. Now, my ATV just sits turned off.

    I can't see it being discontinued though.
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    hmm, I'd go with:

    95%: Discontinuation
    5%: Hardware update

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