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AppleTV v3.0.2 on standard tv

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by versacenl, Apr 19, 2010.

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    Read that I can play AppleTV also on standard (non-HD) tv with a modulator. However I also read that I then have to set the screen settings at 480i, however at v3.0.2 I can only put it on 480p and with the "component (YUV) to RGB/VGA from www.js-technology.com I only get a blurry picture on the television, please help me on how to play AppleTV v3.0.2 on a standard def. tv...

    Maybe downgrade (if that is possible?)?
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    I know this will sound odd BUT it works and I use it a lot! I can confirm that it works on 3.02 with the only difference that you should count to 5 very quickly :) (see the video to see what I am talking about). I know it is fiddly and you need to put a cable together BUT it is cheaper than buying a new TV.


    Good luck!

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