Appleworks Updated to 6.2.9

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Jan 15, 2004.

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    Apple released an update to their Appleworks application.

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    Now if only Apple would make a mouse with a scroll wheel...
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    Installer not working

    I tried to install it, but the installer kept freezing on the "gathering information" step, and gave me the spinning wheel.

    Looking forward to scroll wheel support once Apple fixes the installer problem
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    AppleWorks needs either a major overhaul, not just minor tweaks, or should be dropped, IMHO.
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    how exciting. Now if they would update stickies to version 3.0.1 then I would be in heaven.
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    The good news: AppleWorks is updated.
    The bad news: It's still seriously outdated.

    I wonder how many people actually still use AppleWorks. 6.0 isn't really that different than 3.0 that came with my old Performa 5200 (That came with some variety of System 7).
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    <Cricket's chirping>
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    Let it go....

    I really wish people would give up on this old argument. There is no reason for Apple to make a mouse with a scroll wheel. There isno reason for them to make a mouse with multiple buttons either.


    Simplicity. The original designers of the Macintosh wanted the user to be able to learn to use the computer simply by watching. If you have multiple buttons its not as easy to learn. And yes I realize that learning to use a multi-button mouse isn't THAT hard but there are more factors.

    Need. The average computer user doesn't NEED a second button or a scroll wheel. Yes those of us who regularly visit these forums probably do, but you have to remember, we aren't a very good sample of the whole Mac community. We represent the high end users, so its a bad idea to assume that our needs reflect the needs of all Mac users.

    No market. Face it, there are a TON of great third party mice/trackballs out there. Kensington, Logitech, Macally, Microsoft even make great USB mice from the most basic to the most advanced of features in a huge price range. Why should Apple spend the time and money creating something that it doesn't need to.

    So quit waiting for Apple to make an uber mouse, spend $15 and you can find a nice multi-button, scroll wheel, optical mouse, or spend more money to get all the bells and whistles.

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    Chip NoVaMac

    As a realtive newbie, can someone explain why Apple hasn't even offered this as an option. I currently use a Graphire pad and would like an Apple alternative to the mouse.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Re: Let it go....

    One for some of us like the look and feel of Apple products over others. Also for us switchers it is a pain in the you know what to have to go back to the keyboard when a wheeled/multi-buttoned mouse would save time and effort.

    While some of your comments seem valid; why do Windows users get an advantage that Apple users don't? I know many Windows users that never take advantage of the whell/extra buttons, but do when shown.

    I am surprised that Apple hasn't seen a benifit to offering such a mouse. I hope that they would if the dollars are there. So you might have a small point.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    To bad that iWrite (as well other programs0 didn't find an annoucement. I still run Mac and Windows since I need a truly Office compatible program. I would much rather give my money to Apple than M$.
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    Dare I say it, but most of Microsoft's mouse range is Mac compatible. In most cases you can just plug them into a USB port and Mac OS X will support the right mouse button as a Ctrl + Click and the wheel.
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    I have my Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer hooked up with Expose functions on the two thumb buttons... very VERY nice.
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    I do. AW has one amazing feature, which is an "Assistant" which formats footnotes in either Chicago Manual of Style or MLA automatically. It is so useful, I would never switch.

    Plus I like it's clean interface compared to Word.
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    that's awesome. LOL.
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    Where do you get the drivers for that??
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    funny, in my mind it was a tumble weed blowing by with howling wolves in the distance
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    Not to continually encourage pointless talk about an Apple branded mouse, but I do think there is a market. IMHO, Apple should stick with one-button mice for the consumer line, and offer a wheeled 2-5 button mouse for the pro line. That way the option is there.

    As for Appleworks, Apple really needs to update this software. I know MS Office quite well, as do most of us. However, I don't want to buy the suite. I would rather work in AW. But with my University discount, I can get MS Office for like $35, so I most likely will go ahead and bite the bullet.

    The following are just a few of my gripes with AW:

    1. Seems impossible to join/merge cells in spreadsheet.
    2. AW Help is incredibly lame
    3. It seems way too complex to create mailing labels. I still haven't figured out how to make an individual label. Luckily, it seems I can print labels directly from Address Book now.

    I've decided to just stop here and instead repeat that AW is simply out-dated. I feel like I am using a toy office suite from 6 years ago, with Aqua.

    Any idea of when they might do something about it?
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    Here's #2 using Apple works over Office. I know Office is better but evertime I open it I feel a cold shudder go down my spine, as though someone is looking at my wallet.

    Besides that, I just watched the MWSF satelite feed and I must say when Office 11 was announced, it really looked like no one cared. However I feel if Apple announced iWrite the place would become I giant party.
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    Appleworks updated??

    I forgot about that App about 3 years ago. I use textedit(for quick letters or simple write ups), or Word(mainly to open the documents created in the business world).

    If I am going to write a grocery list or The Great American Novel, Appleworks doesnt even cross my mind
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    Re: Installer not working

    Same problems here. Get a spinning wheel after clicking 'Update' button. Couldn't even force-quit - had to power off. I running Mac OS X 10.3.2 with a HFS+ Journaled filing system. Can I safely assume I won't have lost anything (nothing else was open at the time)?
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    Re: Re: Installer not working

    It takes a long time. I wonder what its doing for all that time.

    Anyway, I welcome this update. Sure Apple needs to redesign AW, but scroll wheel support, although it's many years late, is still a nice addition. :)
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    Holy Shiznit! $35? I'm goin' back to school! :D

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