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Applied my shield..Pic

Discussion in 'iPod touch Accessories' started by casjohnr, Oct 16, 2007.

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    Well I got stuck in today and applied my IS for my touch (Thanks to Royal Mail it only showed up today!)

    Anyway the back seemed to go on OK but is a bit bubbly at the moment, I have tried to get rid of the worst but quite a few remain, see pic - Will these go after a few days?


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    I suggest you try to lift up the shield and try to get rid of those bubbles. This time use a lot of solution so that the bubbles are less likely to occur (the solution or even just water will help push the bubbles out as you adjust). I think tiny bubbles do go away on their own, but large bubbles will stay.
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    that's a lot of bubblies man... Yea I'd definitely try to get those out asap before the solution settles and the glue kicks in.
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    Does the Invisable shield make the touch screen and less sensitive / accurate?
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    It doesn't change any sensitivity or accuracy. I love it, and it's really just barely noticeable.
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    It sucks that the back is so scratch prone. Just leaving it in my pocket caused some scratches. How much os the shield including tax and shipping?

    Is there a similar, cheaper alternative? Do they have one for the ipt?
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    thats a pretty crappy job. did you use a squeegee? i applied the film from Best Skin Ever and mine was flawless, with no bubbles at all, and at about 1/5 the price of IS.
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    What about the front bevelled edge? Did your IS stick to this without issue? I've put my back shield on and am happy with it but didn't put the front on cos i wasn't sure it would stick properly round the edges.

    Regarding the original posters' question - my Shield had a few bubbles in it after I applied it and I was surprised to see it 'set' after a few days and they all disappeared - so If you do leave it on it'll look much better in a few days.

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    the front will stick after the soapy solution dries a bit, mine was able to stay down after about 10 minutes.
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    How's the quality? Would you say it's comparable to the IS? Will it get any scuffs?
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    hey guys.i just stuck a piece of packaging tape on the back of mine. No bubbles and it goes all the way to wher it starts curving in, so when i put it down on the counter, it doesnt get scratched. was gonna buy and IS, but since i did this the day i got it i love it cuz its so naked but also very protected. dont have a scratch on it anywere. you can also just replace it anytime you want, like when the tape starts getting a little scratched. actually im gonna go do that now...
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    according to BSE, its the same material. I never tried IS so I can't tell you. But at about 1/5 the price, I'm very happy with the skin from BSE. It feels very durable and doesn't look like it'll scratch.
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    Cool. Yeah, I was reading a review and BSE actually scored higher simply because they're both very similar and it's a lot cheaper. So I went ahead and bought one. Glad I didn't spend $25!
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    well honestly i don't like silocone cases

    1. they trap dust inbetween the case and your ipod and scratch it anyways !

    2. a platic crystal case would offer more protection and stops more of the dust from getting into your ipod

    3. the 2 slits down the back of the case let alot of dirt in which scratches your chrome back of your ipod.

    4. makes it almost double the thickness !

    . i would recommend a invisible shield or BSE depending on your preference as they are a definate way of stopping scratches.
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    Glad to see I'm not the only one who had problems, mine also turned up today, 15 days after shipping. Bloody strikes :mad:

    I'm waiting until the weekend to apply mine as you have to leave it to sit for 24 hours
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    well if you learn any tips or tricks about applying it when you eventually do :D please tell me :D ... i ordered mine off play.com and it got sent out last thursday still waiting on it amazingly ! ( Liverpool had quite a bad strike !)
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    Yes it works perfectly. I was really skeptical at first, but I bought the InvisibleShield because there wasn't really any alternative cases at the time. Just use a lot of solution, it really helps keep the bubbles out and at the same time makes it a lot easier to install. I didn't even have to use the squeege thing. I didn't have any bubbles at all. I couldn't be happier with this case, keep my iPod in perfect condition all the while letting its beauty shine.

    There are also alternatives to the InvisibleShield, e.g. BestSkinEver. But trust me, get the InvisibleShield, the material is better. It's well worth the price you pay for; not to mention you'll only need to buy this once for your iPod, so might as well go for the best.
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    Yeah, right now I'm just looking for something to use so i can take the dang thing out of the house without freaking out about it getting a million scratches. It's ten bucks and will get me through until something a little "more sexy" comes out.
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    yeah, kid, get those bubbles out. i had to make three attempts at applying my IS before i got it just rightly aligned and all of the bubbles mostly gone. as for the little bubbles, they'll go away. in about a week, you'll never even be able to tell that that sucker is on your ipod. mine is working out great. i can't even tell it's there. it was definitely worth the $30 investment. works out great! i took a key to my screen after i put this on... and nothing happened! brilliant!
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    Well the bubbles are getting smaller, I didn't have chance to get it off and back on as I had to go out last night.

    Although I'm not that bothered about a few bubbles on the back as it won't affect functionality
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    for those of you that says IS is better then BSE, have you personally used both and can speak from your own experience or are you just forming your conclusions from what you gathered at the forums? If you only bought the IS, I think there is a natural tendency to claim it is better because you need to justify spending 4x the difference compared to BSE. I personally never used the IS skin and don't ever plan to because the BSE version fits like a glove and feels like its protecting my IPT very well. I read a few comparisons between the two, written by people that bought both brands, that concludes the two are identical and made from the same material. Furthermore, in order to make use of IS's lifetime warranty, you need need to pay for them to ship you a new one, then pay to ship your old one back...you can almost buy another BSE skin with that money...
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    First try, no bubbles, took about 45 minutes and was relatively easy. I've not used the BSE, but I'm quite convinced with the IS. Going on three weeks since application I think...

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    Does the BSE cover the whole front or just the screen. I have an IS and I'm amazed at the quality and look. I actually HAVE scratched at my screen with a key and...nothing. You can't tell. The only thing that I don't like about the IS is that it is so hard to center it correctly and not have any overhang over the edges and the overhang has picked up some lint. So, I'm thinking, if BSE just covers the screen and not all the way to the edges, it's worth it to me to spend the six bucks.
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    BSE does go all the way to the edges - just put mine on. You could custom cut it to fit the desired area.

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