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Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by nigameash, Sep 30, 2012.

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    I recently bought a nexus 7. I want to use the tablet for college work, taking notes, playing games, etc. I am interested in some good apps to download on it, essentials so to say. I am new to the android platform so any pointers would be helpful.
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    Evernote is a great note taking app that syncs with your other devices.
    It will sync with Windows PC's, Macs, other Androids, iOS devices. It is also free.

    I find Google Currents to be awesome for reading articles. It is sort of an RSS reader. You could also use Flipboard.

    For reading books I use an app called FBreader, I like it quite a lot and it has a night setting that essentially inverts the text/background for easy reading in the dark.

    As far as for college work, I'm not sure other than Evernote for notes. I use my MacBook for writing essays and doing other projects. I don't really feel like any tablet (iOS, Android, RIM, Windows etc.) is very useful for this type of task.
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    Horn is excellent on Tegra 3 and is .25c today :)
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    Downloading Horn and FBreader now. On my iPhone, I have an app called XSysinfo that is a memory free-er app. Any good ones on android? I love iStudiez Pro on my iOS devices, any good alternatives on android?
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    When you say "memory free-er" are you referring to clearing your RAM/cached processes?

    Also, I'd do some Google/Youtube searches for things such as "top 20 android apps 2012" or "best android widgets 2012" etc. You can find a lot of videos or articles of people reviewing their favorite apps/widgets.
    Widgets can enhance your Android experience just like good apps can.
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    That is correct.
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    I'm not sure about 3rd party apps (there may be some that do this more efficiently) but go to Settings -> Apps -> Running/Cached processes.
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    Productive apps:

    - Firefox Beta has a "Reader" feature.
    - Evernote and Evernote Widgets
    - Dropbox
    - Drive
    - ezPDF Reader
    - Kingsoft Office
    - xScope Pro (I use this for my flash, there's a way to get it without rooting.)
    - Talkatone (Makes your Nexus 7 into a phone)


    - Flipboard
    - Pulse
    - BBC News
    - IMDB
    - Flixster
    - Fandango
    - Plex
    - Netflix
    - ESPN Scorecenter
    - Amazon Kindle
    - MLB At Bat Lite

    Utility Apps:
    - Speed Test (tests speed of data in your device)
    - Zedge (excellent for customization of wallpapers, ringtones, notifications..)
    - AntiVirus

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