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AppStore price not showing

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by GerritV, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Somewhat silly question perhaps...
    When I search for an app in the AppStore that I already purchased, the price info is gone. Instead there's a button saying "OPEN" or sometimes "INSTALL" in case I deleted the app.
    Where do I find the price info in such cases?
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    Not sure exactly why you need to find the price, but if you really do, go look at your purchase history.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by purchase history, but in case you refer to the 4th tab on the iPad AppStore, the same "Open" button has replaced the price info.

    Why I need it? Say I just want to know how much I payed for it, or say I want to recommend apps to someone who considers buying an iPad, etc.
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    Appshopper.com > search for app
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    The app, AppShopper, is no longer available in the app store, but that's what I use. Prior to that, on my PC, I would log out of my account and then iTunes would show me prices.

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    Thanks for the suggestions people, AppShopper does the job!
    (and I have one more reason to dislike the iOS AppStore app)
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    From iTunes -> Store -> View my iTunes Account
    <enter user name and password>
    Under "Purchase History" click the "see all" on the right hand side.

    It then pops up a screen that allows you to select when purchases were made and such.
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    Admitted I hardly ever open iTunes, but this is well hidden!
    Thanks for the guide CylonGlitch.

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