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AppStore refunds

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by zed2, Aug 28, 2008.

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    Hi all,

    So in my itunesConnect I can see the number of people who have bought my software. I also see one as being a refund ie negative value.

    My question is how do refunds work?

    how do they work from a customer point of view, ie how is the software removed from their devices? what prevents them from running the application after they have received the refund?

    And how do they work from a developer point of view? I've had no details of this refund other than in the financial weekly/daily report... no-one has contacted me about it? It seems that I should be informed about these, if it was due to an issue with my software so I could make any necessary corrections.

    I should also like to know the name of the refund person so if they try to contact me I know who they are?

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    There's another possibility. Fraudulent credit card transactions. In my case the iTunes Store (Europe) consolidates a few days of purchases and hits my credit card a few days later. So they basically are giving me a few bucks credit every time I buy something.
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    Got this reply from Apple:

    There are various reasons for refunds, some are charged back to you, and some Apple eats the cost, depending on the nature of the complaint (technical, downloaded twice in short period of time, problems downloading, problems with app, etc.). The app is removed from their iTunes account, so it will not replicate to their iPhone anymore the next time they sync.

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    It would be nice to actually know the reason for the refund!
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    indeed it would... I've requested this from apple but as yet nothing :(

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    Apple gave me a refund once when I downloaded an app that was iPhone only, I have an iPod Touch.
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    Mr. Giver '94

    I went through the refund process for Super Monkey Ball because it was a PoS. I used the excuse that I purchased it accidently. Apple refunded my money, let me keep the app, and recommended I set up a shopping cart.

    Don't judge me for doing this. My $10 was wasted and I wanted it back. This is the only situation where I have returned an App.

    There are a variety of reasons including inadvertent purchases, download errors, etc.
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    of course that makes sense...my game works on both however so it must be another reason in my case...it has only been one refund, nice to know why.
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    I actually do judge you for this. You paid $10 for an app and you didn't like it. Too bad, that's your fault.

    You can't eat half a candy bar and return it to the grocery store just because you don't like the taste of it. That's what you get when you buy software.... and it's the reason why stores don't let you return opened software or movies. For all we know, Super Monkey Ball could still be on your phone.

    I actually disagree with you and Apple on this, and I wish Apple would allow "Demo" apps to be put out. Software developers are getting punished in this refund process.

    I'd perfer that the developer themselves have the right to give refunds, not Apple (unless it's a bug on their side or credit card processing problem).

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    ...hmmm a bit harsh. I believe that people need to maintain a right to a refund, even with software purchases I can see a retailer refunding in certain circumstances.
    If I am using Apple's store to sell my content I have to accept their terms, if someone has a valid refund reason then let them have it. I am happy for Apple to deal with the process as well - I have no interest in dealing with customers and their requests.
    I will say that they should not keep the software however - if they want a refund then they should forfeit the software.
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    You can use the flimsiest of excuses to get your first refund, basically Apple will refund you the first time almost no questions asked. If you try this again they investigate and it's much much more difficult to get a refund. Personally I would have eaten the $10 and saved my no questions refund for actually accidentally purcahsing say an entire season of some tv show, but that's your call.
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    I agree wholeheartedly about the demo idea, but I think punished is a bit extreme. I've been in the app store since the day it opened, have sold several thousand copies if my software and refunds have yet to break double digits. Basically it's just not that big a problem. If you're seeing 1% return rate or greater return rates then you probably need to re-evaluate your marketing message on iTunes to ensure that it accurately reflects the capabilities of your app.

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