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April 29- Japan Software Sales

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by Dagless, May 4, 2007.

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    Or, if your Japanese is up to scratch there's the Top 50 here.

    Just look at the DS go :eek: Not many next gen games in there, 6 Wii and 2 360 games.
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    yep....Wii and DS took the top 10 all by themselves.
    PS3 sales also ended an 8 week stretch of continuously low sales.
    (it even did better than PS2 - while PSP sales remained steady)

    Nintendo is doing great in Japan(As well as everywhere else) right now.
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    Sky Blue

    The GBA outsold the PS3 in March in the US.

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    The Civic outsold the Viper in the US.....lol
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    Difference being cars don't run games.

    Unless you have one of them GBA car machines.
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    nope, just pointing out the irony of comparing sales of a cheap hand held that has been around since 2001, to a brand new technology that costs far far more(to produce and purchase), and has far far less of a library.
    Have Hybrid cars sales passed regular cars in sales yet?
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    Cheap Trick also did really well in Japan.
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    Wow, big brain is still going..I still have to buy that :mad:
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    Cheap Trick is bad ass though.
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    The sales figure is most likely referring to sales of the Wii version.
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    Not quite right, because the GBA has competition from the DS and logically should barely be selling in the first place.

    It would be like '99 Civics being sold as new outselling the Viper in the US.
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    Um....no, if they continued to make the 99 civic model and you could buy it brand new each year, then that would be a fair analogy.
    Alas, we are not talking used vs new here, thats rather........pointless.
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    Interesting. I was just looking a gaming magazine that had 4 PS3 games in the top 5. And this list has none in the top 50. :rolleyes:
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    Was that a Playstation magazine per chance? I don't recall seeing a PS3 game in the top 10 ever. I don't think the PS3 userbase can sell that many games.
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    No, it was a regular all systems magazine. Just kinda interesting how different companies come up with different results.
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    They are probably doing a review of all games or total global game sales.
    What you are seeing here is WEEKLY Japan sales...and the PS3 has made the number 1 sport before.

    PS3 Debut
    # 9 21,655 - Ridge Racer 7 (PS3) - November 6 - November 12
    # 10 21,310 - Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in Sight (PS3) - November 6 - November 12

    Number One Spot Winner
    # 1 48,346 - Virtua Fighter 5 (PS3) - February 5 - 11

    Once some really decent software starts coming out you will see many PS3 titles up there.
    MGS, FF, EoJ, Heavenly Sword, etc.
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    Sky Blue

    Nintendomination again


    1. NDS / Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings - 109,000 / 383,000
    2. Wii / Super Paper Mario - 90,000 / 310,000
    3. Wii / Wii Sports - 85,000 / 1,544,000
    4. NDS / Yoshi's Island DS - 59,000 / 791,000
    5. Wii / Wii Play - 59,000 / 1,279,000
    6. NDS / Mario VS Donkey Kong 2 - 58,000 / 233,000
    7. Wii / Wii de Big Brain Academy - 55,000 / 97,000
    8. NDS / New Super Mario Brothers - 52,000 / 4,420,000
    9. NDS / Momotarou Dentetsu DS - 46,000 / 125,000
    10. NDS / More Brain Age - 44,000 / 4,238,000
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    Swift with them keys.

    Congrats Nintendo. Their risks have paid off oh-sooo well.
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    In the top 50 there are

    34 DS games
    6 Wii games
    5 PSP games
    5 PS2 games

    the DS domination is unbelievable

    when was the last time nintendo was so dominant in japan ?
    ds + wii account for 82% of hardware sales and 86 for software sales
    and the DS already passed the total amount of sold GBA in japan (including micro/sp)

    it's insane

    edit: if sales continue the DS might be even beat the ps2 until the end of the year
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    A handheld released in 2005 to overtake the most sold console released in 2000 would be too great of an event to fathom.

    And to think what people were saying about it prior to launch.

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