April Desktops 2010

Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by iMacBook, Mar 31, 2010.

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    Aw what the ****, why not.
    Pic is mine.
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    Uh, it's not April yet.
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    it might be in other places in the world.
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    Heres mine

    hard drive icons from Here

    original wallpaper is attached

    for the dock see Here if you want the cinema 4D icon, i made from a template PM me, and i'll send it to you :)

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    here is mine for now

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    I'll bite:

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    You people... you're always over-doing things...

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    says the person with 5 icons on there desktop :rolleyes: lol
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    Here is mines for the month. I had this wall for a while now and I dont have the link anymore. Pm me if u want it. Sorry!
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    I know. I'm like... totally out of control.
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    Going with this for now

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    For April I'm going with a photo (not mine) of the Moon and Jupiter.

    My favorite part of the photo is easy to overlook - if you look closely at Jupiter, you can see the four Galilean moons near it. There's some pretty significant scientific history to those four moons, I'd recommend Sidereus Nuncius (The Starry Messenger) by Galileo Galilei for the story.

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    On my iMac.

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    Last month: [​IMG]

    This month: [​IMG]

    Brightened things up a tad for spring (it's almost 70 here!!!!)
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    I love these threads.

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    "The rhetoric of linguistic transparency by Apple Support carries with it the socialization of the unknown display adapter." That was the post suggestion, but I think I'll go with "Here's my desktop background for April."

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