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April Desktops

Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by phiberglass, Mar 31, 2008.

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    April Fools :shifty

    New M83 album is great :D

    Post em up!

    *Remember to use the [​IMG]
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    April Desktops

    NOW can I? :D

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    Here's mine. I decided to go with an all aluminum look to match my MacBook Pro. Now it looks like Mac OS X and my aluminum Mac belong together. :p
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    Well I'm in South OC and it's not quite 4/1 but here it is anyway....
    I'm at work but desktop image isn't any different @ home.
    The 2nd display only has icons...nothing fancy, it is XP after all. ;)

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    Another Windows Royale user, I see. Love that theme.
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    Just doing it for the people all over the world living in April right now :D
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    Ohh, I hope the Brew-crew take care of this series. :D

    But for me April is Renal Pathology month, which will be celebrated in style. Also, the Favre retirement still weighs heavily on my soul...who is going to fill my favorite QB/LB spot now?

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    Thanks xUKHCx

    makes my mood even better ;)
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    I so want the link.
    Especially since April first is Apple's birthday!!!!
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    Here's mine. Its a Banksy. I don't have the link, but you can just cut the picture from mine if you want it and put it on a white background.

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    Here's mine:

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    I went back to the Banksy that I was using a couple of months ago, this time it is on Leopard though.

    I would post the picture of my desktop icons but it I only have my HD icon (dbs) and a Desktop Stuff™ folder so here is just the background file

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    here's mine for now:

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    April 1st

    My camera is finally fixed so I popped over to Wollongong Harbour on Sunday to take some photos of the pelicans.

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    Still sporting the the NIN Ghosts I-IV from last month. When I wanna relax I just switch to an empty space and stare at it for a minute or two. It chills me out.

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    Nice Deadaim, Same Here, everyone should have Ghosts I-IV. Its Pure Music Genius!!

    Got Ghosts Here as well.

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    Just carryin' on, tryin' to make do...

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    i still need to get leopard, hopefully this weekend...
    but anyway, this looks great on my blackbook...

    Edit: for anybody who requested the wallpaper; i have attached it...

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    Who's that?!?:eek:
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  23. JL7
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  24. JL7
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    The above thumbnail comes out to small.. When I did screen capture the file was 4mb. what is the right way to downsize so that when the thumbnail is selected it will be as big as the other pictures here??
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    i'm really not to sure, trying to find it now...
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