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Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by MAC-PRO-DEMON, Mar 31, 2009.

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    .... I know that I am a we bit early... but it is like almost there (7 o'clock in england)... so....

    Anyway... I might as well start it off :)

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    @ MAC-PRO-DEMON...

    Didn't I see you with that desktop in the March thread? You cheater... :D
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    Mine... Don't ask, I don't remember!!!

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    What is that cool widget thing running? With the date, weather and such? Sorry, still new to the Mac world.

  5. Avi
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    Here is mine ... a newbie to the forums :)

    I cannot recall the exact link from where I downloaded this image ... I had this since ages ... will post a link asap

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  6. Avi
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    That can be done using GeekTools and you can even get your iTunes cover art to show up on your desktop using BowTie.

    The first post of this thread has more info on it.
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    this is mine
    via deviant art

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    I'm not going to post a link or anything, since the wallpaper consists mainly of pictures of my friends and family.

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    I love the colors.

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    Link ...

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  11. Avi
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    Sweet look, what artist/collection did you get that from? :D
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    Touche...you win this round, my friend. :D
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    Nothing much but just thinking about my up coming trip back to Chicago.
    Picture 1.jpg
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    New month, New desktop.........

    TV's best entertainment show............

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    Click! (2560x1600)
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    From the previous thread.

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    how are yall getting such big pictures but staying under 1.14MB?? when i post pics that i take with my 10.1MP camera and resize them to under 1.14MB they are still big with high res. but the screenshots of my desktop are blurry and small after i resize them. they are 3.4MB before i resize them. any help would be appreciated so that i can post a good pic of my background.

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    And when would that be, Ms. jessica? :)
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    Do you have a link to the Original?
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    Look 7 posts up from his post...
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    See my post above ...
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