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April US Hardware sales

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by Sky Blue, May 17, 2007.

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    Sky Blue

    Nintendo DS 471k
    Wii 360k
    PlayStation 2 194k
    PlayStation Portable 183k
    Xbox 360 174k
    Game Boy Advance 84k
    PlayStation 3 82k
    GameCube 13k
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    DS and Wii on top again too.

    What's surprising is that the GBA was made completely obsolete by the DS. Unless you want to use a link cable, which 84k of Americans in a month might want to do...
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    PSP and PS2 outsold 360 :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:


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    Frankly my dear, I think being outsold by the 2001 obsolete GBA is, as you so eloquently put it, is "teh doomed". Half a year in too :(
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    Sky Blue

    next gen has failed.
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    Well we really have to wait at leat a nother year or so to determine that, but sales could be better.
    (except for the Wii)
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    Sky Blue

    I'm sure 360 sales will pick up when they release that Blu-Ray add on.:rolleyes:
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    I'm sure that the only system to see an increase in sales when good games come out will be the PS3 too.

    edit: The DS outsold all Sony's products put together. Yowza.
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    nah, that woudl really only help BD movie sales. :p

    However, some decent software titels might help.........;)
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    My friend was part of that 82k PS3 number, but he bought a 20 Gig return to his store, so does that count? :)

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    PSP and PS2 usually outsell the 360.

    PS3 being outsold by the GBA is just sad though.
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    where did you find these stats? Id really like to be able to keep up with this too.
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    GBA SPs are pretty popular with parents buying for younger children (4-7 age bracket) here also. Smaller investment if there's a chance it will end up broken / outgrown / etc and the kid is not so particular on which one they want. :)
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    Yeah, I'm one of the PS3 buyers too. Couldn't be happier with mine. Of course, I'm really tempted to get a DS. I've always liked Nintendo's handheld systems (never had a Nintendo home console) and the DS is pretty cool.
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    Someone on Rottentomatoes posted this and I laughed.
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    LOL! :D I don't know if it was supposed to be that slow (I think it might just be my browser) but that made it all that much funnier. :D :D :D
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    I don't even want to think about were that leaves PS3!!! :eek:
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    interesting that the 360 elite couldn't provide the real boost i was expecting

    even if we combine the japanese and american numbers the ps3 is still behind the 360 (the japanese numbers exclude the 30th and 29th since the numbers are counted weekly)

    284 + 360 = 644k

    57 + 82 = 139k

    14 + 174 = 188k

    but it will be ahead of the gba obviously
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    There actually was a real life ROFL to that :D
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    Sky Blue

    They should be all over the net by now, but GAF gets them pretty quick. Mammoth thread with many a hilarious GIF:

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    ah, NeoGaf's legendary NDP threads.

    Come to think of it (and thanks to NG), with the GBA being a portable SNES I probably shouldn't expect anything less.
    In all seriousness, when are they burying the PS3?
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    I feel EVIL, I laughed at an animated gif on that site that involved kicking that I probabably shouldn't have. :eek:

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    Don't worry, you could have bought a PS3 and felt stupid :D
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    Sky Blue


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