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aptv 160 gig vs htpc

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Nick23, Sep 5, 2010.

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    so i currently have my computer running to my tv in my room from which i watch my movies and listen to music. Is there any real reason to get a 160 gig apple tv or even a new apple tv? like i ve heard about def mods people have done to the 160 gig apple tv and stuff so i was curious if i should get one to use for my movies instead of running a hdmi cable from my computer like i do now.
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    Unless you have a reason why you would not like to run it from your computer, I wouldn't. A computer is superior compared to TV. No file format limitations or being limited to iTunes. You can use whatever you want
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    the location of the computer requires me to run a longgg hdmi cable
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    Is it hidden somewhere or do you have to run it through the room so it looks nasty? I have 10m HDMI cable running from my Mac to TV but it's nicely hidden behind closets and stuff so it ain't bothering me
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    ya thats the problem i have to run it across the floor lol not hidden at all, i tried streaming the movies with my xbox but its been a pain in the ass especially converting file formats. so i am not sure what to do.
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    Where do you download your media? TV ain't exactly the best if you look at its file format support. You could also try hiding the cables. I use these cable canals and they work very well


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