Aqua To See Leopard Refresh?

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by Diatribe, Dec 11, 2006.

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    If the rumor is correct then Apple will replace Aqua with Illuminous and hopefully unite the visual styles again in Leopard.


    The first signs of this may even be included in the latest build:

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    Black Gloss sounds very stylish, but any black theme I've tried on ShapeShifter is unreadable in some respect. Not that Apple's theme would have that problem, of course, but other than buttons and scroll bars I can't imagine black being practical. But maybe they are the only things that will be black and everything else will remain silver/grayish.
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    oh my.
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    black like vista taskbar

    i dono..if it does have all the black gloss..then vista has it in their taskbar and that doesnt look too good..
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    Scarlet Fever

    at the risk of inadvertently downloading a trojan, I wanna see some pics! :D
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    Hm. Of course, this is exciting news and I have faith in Apple's UI design team, but the "shiny black" look we've seen some small examples of (e.g. Leopard's Time Machine/Spotlight previews, Time Machine itself) didn't impress me. Too -- dare I say it -- Vista-y.

    I, for one, was glad to see the UI go a little flatter, a little more subtle, a little less obviously glossy and highlight-y with the "unified" look. I like the "deep" 3D effects in some apps, but I'd like the basic OS X interface to stay easy on the eyes.
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    I thought that as well... hmmm... lets hope not.

    However, I likes me some of iTunes 7, so lets go with that.
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    No more jelly beans! :D:D:D
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    id rather that OSX had Shapeshifter like editing capabilities built in.

    Even crappy windows 3.1 had that, though there wasnt a single use for it besides adding to the horror.

    Id like to be able to create my own stuff and edit the look of OSX, with the "consent" from Apple in that its not a 3rd party add on.
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    I like this rumor! Can we get it moved to the Front page. Beats iPhone rumors anyday!
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    I just had a flashback to the 'hotdog' theme :eek:
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    Figures. I was just getting used to Aqua and they decide to change it.
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    I don't like the Aqua sliders, but the iTunes 7 one is no better.

    In both cases too prominent. It's just a scroller, a background thing, and yet dominates the gui.
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    i just want it all to look like Final Cut Pro and i would be pleased as punch.
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    A mm or two wider would also be nice.
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    Yeah, that'd be sweet.
    I'm a little worried about the black gloss thing. I noticed it right away in the Time Machine previews. I'd hate to see this as a uniform element throughout everything.
    Ah well -- it'll still look better than Vista.
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    i wanna see some pics also!:)
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    Look at the Leopard preview, everthing is pretty dark. Look at the bars at the bottom, Time Machine or the general background for the icons of the previews.

    Black all over the place. I sure hope it doesn't become too dark and I'd like to say I have faith in Apple but after the recent mess I am not too sure.
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    Yes! You read my mind!
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    I agreeeeee!
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    Maybe I missed it when I went to these two links, but are there screenshots posted of this somewhere? I am not sure why I missed it, but it might have something to do with 4 hours of sleep each night for a week.:rolleyes:
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    good point, make me wonder if apple trying to cove up their cheap LCD's uneven brightness problem..:p
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    Well, let me echo the previous posters and hope that it won't look like the vista shiny black (I know it's not covered with gold or anything, but the word that comes to me is 'bling').
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    No, no pics but as I said look at the Leopard preview page or iTunes. This might give us ideas. I agree though pics would be nice but as of yet there are none of the new 10.5 build.

    Hehe, that'd be one way. :D

    The first thought that came to my mind when I saw the Vista toolbar was 'cheap'. It looks like cheap plastic. I'm not a real fan of iTunes' colors either but I have faith in Apple, or Steve for that matter, that in a new OS revision they actually get their act together and provide a gorgeous UI.

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