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Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 15, 2006.

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    is there a hebrew version of mac os x?
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    not much new here looks like 10.4.7 can handle both.
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    That's gotta be a tough gig because Arabic is written right to left...
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    Yes I would certainly appreciate it if Apple came out with a Hebrew version of OS X, Although it is true that there are a lot more Arabic speakers than Hebrew speakers and most Israelis speak pretty good english anyway. (And let's try not to let politics get into this thread)
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    Hmm, I wonder if someone can horizontally flip all the windows to accomodate the left-to-right text :cool:

    All in all, support for more languages means more Mac users, and that makes me happy. :D

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    I thought there was already a Hebrew version.
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    Neyn, but ve're voiking on a Yiddishe voysion. De System Alert sound is a very convincing "Oy!" The warning messages are kvetches. If you try to quit an application without saving, it says, "Vas is das? Farvoss are you trying to go away, mitn drinen? You've done all dis verk, un you've just goink to leave it? Gott in Himmel!" There will be no Quit Without Saving option, there will only be "Of course, I'll save. What am I - meshugge?!"

    Zie gezund!
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    Hebrew language support has been in the OS since 10.2, but the system itself is still the same as English.

    Pre-X versions of Mac OS had a full Hebrew UI (translated text, Apple menu on the right, standard alert-box buttons on the left, etc.) but none of this was ported to OS X (it probably couldn't be, given the radically different nature of the OS.)

    Hopefully, they're working on Hebrew at the same time as this Arabic work. The linked site indicates that there's no Hebrew UI in the build they're testing, but that doesn't mean anything. There are almost certainly different teams in Apple working on different languages. They are almost certainly working on separate branches of the code and won't be integrated into the main release line until complete.
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    The fact that they're working on one RLTB (right to left, top to bottom) language suggests that it should be able to work for any. It's definitely good progress.

    Apple, even before Mac OS X, seemed to lack willingness to develop for specific countries and languages. That said, once this is done, they'll probably go back to business as usual. Sherlock was a prime example of something easy to localise but wasn't even attempted.
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    Definately a work in progress.

    Also, I can only assume we have few Arabic Mac users on this board as this topic seems to have been taken over by a similar discussion on Hebrew. While similarly important, the fact that the topic has not turned back round to Arabic suggests this to me.
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    Over the years, I'd say that we've had more people ask about Arabic than Hebrew but either way, the written languages share more from a development standpoint than they differ.
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    From a technical standpoint, it really doesn't matter.

    The hard part of the code (getting the languages to render text properly) has been in OS X since 10.2. At this point, there are two tasks remaining, which are much simpler. One is to translate the thousands of strings - time consuming but not difficult. The other is to make the stock UI elements run right-to-left - not trivial, but common to both Arabic and Hebrew (and a few other Middle Eastern languages.)

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