Are all Airs like this?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by krspkbl, Jan 11, 2013.

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    Bought an Air on Xmas day (see specs in signature) and got it 28th. Loved it! Absolutely amazing machine. Last Saturday one of the keys broke. I don't know how it happened.

    I was using the Air in the morning and the key was fine but when I came home the key wasn't pressing down. Was a piece of plastic visibly stuck under the cap. Got it out. Obviously something broke. Key was now very loose. Took it to the Genius Bar but was told it wasn't broken and they didn't do anything. How can it not be broken if a piece of plastic was broken off??

    Anyway, I called up Apple Care and they sent out a replacement machine. The very nice and friendly women I spoke to recommended I just get it replaced if it had already broken within two weeks of owning it. No problem, great, I'll just send it back.

    Replacement came. Metal casing chipped/scratched on the corners. Not acceptable. Plastic seal surrounding the Air was still on it when it went straight back in the box. Phoned up Apple Care again. New replacement sent out.

    Replacement came. Another damaged key. Phoned up Apple AGAIN and just asked for a refund.

    I had 3 boxes. 3 Airs. £3237 worth. Sent back to Apple. Awaiting refund of £1079.

    Should I risk it and buy another one? I was really enjoying my Air. Surely not all them have ****** keys and turn up chipped/ scratched??
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    Nope. I'd get another one.
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    Ive never seen a MBA with a broken key or a scratch when new. I have 5 people in my family that have them and they have all been perfect, including mine.
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    I've purchased several MacBook Airs since they first came out in 2008. They have never had any keyboard issues or scratching. Perhaps the store you ordered it from received a bad batch.

    Since you've had a bad stretch, my suggestion is to go to a store if you are near one, and then that way you can physically inspect it before you leave.
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    Bizarre, never seen that with an Air. Agre with KPOM, get thee to a store if possible. Examine the replacement in their presence before you leave the store.
  6. krspkbl, Jan 11, 2013
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    I ordered online because I wanted to upgrade to 8GB RAM.

    It must have been a bad batch. 3 machines in a row all damaged. The first happened with usage but the keys should NOT be breaking after a week of usage! my previous macbook I had for over 4 years and never had a problem with it.

    All 3 machines had very similar serial numbers and all the boxes they came in had a sticker with the same date on them 30/11/2012. So probably from the same batch.

    Once my refund starts being processed I'm gonna give the Air another go. Just wanted to get some thoughts from the forum and express my thoughts because I've never had a problem like this before with Apple.
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    I have the 8GB memory in mine. That's why I ordered online. The i5, 128GB, 8GB memory and got a perfect machine. Must be a bad batch but it's interesting that happened to you.
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    Of course you already know the answer before you asked. If all Airs are like this, it would be on the nightly news, Twitters of the mishaps will go viral. Cooks would be apologizing on TV.

    Perhaps the tech Gods is telling you to take a break.
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    We use Apple laptops at work, they used to be very high quality with rarely a need to return one. But it's a new era now at Apple. It's all about pumping out product at a frenetic pace. Cosmetic damage is common, it's just how it is. Apple knows it's take it or leave it, if we are using OS X we have no choice.

    Besides they make so much profit they can easily give replacements out for the picky people that will return it with only the most minute of issues. For me it's too much of a loss of time and money doing a return, since I order BTO which means waiting for a refund, then starting all over with a new order. I know, I've been through it twice, so now I just live with it.

    One hardware vendor, one OS, one high price, what a racket :D
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    Could you not talk out of your ass? It is not common. Apple actually has great quality control. They have to give replacements when this occurs. Sorry if you want to be in this business and stay, you cannot have this be common. You sir, don't know much.
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    Oh my what a juvenile, sensitive, anger driven reply that was. Feel better?

    I know the facts are hard to face for those that live in denial. No surprise there.
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    What facts? You haven't presented any. The facts lay within Apple's revenue (they'd be losing money if they had poor quality control). Not only would they be losing revenue but they'd be losing customers. Yes there quality control might not be the same and have slipped a bit but I wouldn't say it's horrible or near others.

    There is no hard facts to face because you have presented none. This isn't an angry driven reply. I'm simply calling you out because there are no facts you have presented. Look at consumer reports, quality is still in the Mac compared to others (maybe not to the extent they used to be but it's still present and there). Though I'm not saying just consumer reports is totally non bias or bias I'm saying, they still rank the computers higher than others.

    Feel better being called out? Prove me wrong please. I don't mind being wrong or proved wrong. I don't like people to assume things. I encourage education and proof.

    Sorry if I come off juvenile but you need proof. I'm tired of reading stuff on here without any proof.
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    Mine came with a tiny chip/scratch but I waited too long to mention anything to Apple :(

    Keep trying though, you'll get a perfect one eventually and when you do, it will be fantastic.
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    I'm not afraid to get on the phone and tell them about it straight away! The first replacement I got on the 9th, I opened the box and took out the computer and inspected the casing. There was the chips/scratches on the corners and I just put it straight back in the box and phoned them up and got a new replacement out. The plastic seal was still on it. These machines cost a lot of money and should arrive in top condition. That's just my opinion. I'm sure some people just accept it because it's gonna get scratched/chipped at some point anyway.

    Anyway, my refund is being processed. I'm gonna give the Air another shot. I contemplated just buying a Windows computer at a few hundred £ but I love OSX too much and the Air is a really nice computer and fits my needs perfect. I really need a computer as I'm using my iPhone for everything I do online.

    Fingers crossed. Hope I get a nice Air that causes no issues for me. Placing order tomorrow or Thursday.
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    Wait until they refresh the Macbook Air.
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    That was my original plan until my old MacBook died on me. I can't go until June/July without a computer. I'll be happy with this model if I could only just get one that gives me no issues.
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    Then keep going until you get one that meets your criteria.
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    There is not supposed to be any damage to a new product. When I first got my iPad 2 there was a pretty big scratch on the back, and when I went to sell it a few months ago that scratch was the only damage on the device. I probably got less for it because of that which isn't really fair.

    My Air was absolutely prfect when I got it over the summer so I'd give it another try if I were you. It really is a fantastic machine.
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    Angry much? Yes, this story is very atypical, especially from Apple. But there's no need to get so frustrated at an anonymous stranger on the internet.
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    Or are you reading into what I say? I think you like reading it as angry so you can cause drama instead of presenting facts or trying to manipulate people into thinking I'm a bad person because I use "strong" or "offensive" terms? It's called calling people on their BS. Call me on my BS if I screw up. I don't mind "harsh" words, they're just words. Yes people attach feelings to these words but stop making this thread filled with emotions.

    I can't honestly believe the OP thinks that all of Apple's MBA come like this. I think they are more upset with their situation and came here to vent. Stop trying to slam people.

    There is a thing such as healthy criticism, you can always give feedback to Apple about the experience. If the experience does not change then vote with your dollar. Look for a better one and vote with your dollar. Then change the minds of family & friends. Let them decide which is a better experience. Then let them vote. Then the last thing to do is support a good experience for those if that's what you believe in.

    People get to obsessed with talking that they forget to promote a good experience. There are times when to call people out, just make sure you present facts.

    Yes, Apple isn't the same company it was all those years ago but people are forgetting how fast Apple is growing now and that some things will fall through the cracks but we are just people, same goes for a corporation.

    Sorry if you feel attacked or resentment from me but there is none. I'm talking, I harbor none of these feelings. Maybe I did come off the wrong way but I'm tired of no facts or healthy suggestions to promote a better community. Call me out if I'm wrong, just make sure you educate. People are afraid to own up to their mistakes or failing, if we don't promote the education of ourselves we will just get stuck.

    Call me whatever, just don't be afraid to fail & promote learning from our experiences.
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    Yeah, I mean, I actually agree with your post completely, I just thought the reaction was a bit strong, that's all.
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    Well I am now awaiting my 6th replacement machine. I've had multiple problems with all the new air's that I've had ranging from screen issues, keyboard issues and my last machine came with a very lose hinge, which I know wasn't right having owned 5 previous Air's.

    I've opted for the 8gb ram for this replacement so hoping fingers crossed that I get a near perfect machine. In my opinion the quality control does not seem the same. My late 2010 Air was flawless and is still going strong today!

    Issues with these new Macbook Air's do exist, maybe it's just a bad batch or it is the quality control that isn't what it used to be! Your buying a premium product with Apple, but for some reason it's not what I have had with my last 5 Air's! I will be seeking some form of compensation too for all the time I've been without a laptop!
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    Thanks for posting! I think it's poor quality control. How can they miss these things? A quick examination could prevent a lot of machines being returned! You just have to look to see if it's scratched/chipped or if the screen is damaged. Press the keys/hinge to see if anything is lose. I know there are thousands of these computers going out but it's not acceptable. We are paying a lot of money and they should be very high quality.

    My Air will be here on Monday and its going straight back if it has anything wrong with it. I have now gone 8 days without a computer which I need for work. I'm relying on my iPhone for everything at the moment.

    Just hope this one coming on Wednesday has no problems or I'm gonna be so pissed off.
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    Wow. Since you are determined to buy this machine no matter what, I would have kicked it up the ladder to at least try to get comped. If nothing else, get a refund and buy the next Air from an Apple retain location so you can inspect it right there in the store.
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    I just bought two refurbished 11" MacBook Airs for my two younger kids (both 13 years old) to use for schoolwork. Current 2012 11" base model (i5 processor, 64GB SSD, 4GB RAM, USB 3, etc).

    Bought them off the Apple website. While they are both refurbished -- and cheap by the way, at $850 each! -- they both arrived in perfect physical condition. Perfect keyboards, perfect screens and no cosmetic blemishes at all. They're absolutely as good as "new." I'd say that's great quality control, especially for a discounted, refurbished device.

    I'm very happy about my purchase. While I've used Apple since 1979, this is the first time I've ever bought a refurbished product. And my kids, of course, are ecstatic.
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