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Are Apple stores stocking the 11" 256/8GB model?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by beyondthesmile, Jun 24, 2012.

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    Are Apple stores stocking the 11" 256/8GB model, or is this something I'd need to custom order from the Apple store?

    Have any Toronto folks seen it in-store? TIA :)
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    i got one in store from the Mall of Georgia. They have 3 different versions of all models in stock and the 11"/256/8 is one
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    Have you tried calling your local store to find out? What one store has in stock doesn't assure another will. A quick phone call is the best way to find out.
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    Call a store? You mean use the telephone, call the local store, and talk to a human and get an immediate answer? How quaint.
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    Yeah, color me old-fashioned! I even use my cell phone for stuff like that! No texting! :eek:
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    The NYC stores are. I'd guess Toronto stores would have some, but I agree. Pick up a phone.
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    Thanks guys, I guess calling would make the most sense. LOL.
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    The two stores near Seattle (Bellevue and University Village) have the 11" i7/256/8 in stock.
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    You can also go to the Apple Online store and put the item you want in your cart, then select a store for pick up to see if the item is "in stock".

    Calling is so old-fashioned.
  10. Zzari, Jun 24, 2012
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    This doesn't work for custom configurations, even if the store has the same exact configuration in stock. I was in the store yesterday, and when I tried checking online for the 11" i7/256/8 online, it said no stock but the store had tons of them.

    The manager explained to me that it has to do with model numbers: Apple's online store treats your CTO as the base model # + upgrades whereas the B&M Apple stores have a preset model # for each configuration they have in stock. Basically, the same configuration ordered online is registered differently in their inventory system then the model that is pre-made and available in the store.
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    When I purchased my 2012 (on June 12), the online store said it would be available for pickup at any of the NYC stores on June 23. I canceled that, went down to the store, and half an hour later was back at my office with my new "custom" 2012 MacBook Air.

    I'm not sure why Apple doesn't change the system. After all, why bother having the "in store pickup" if the inventory count isn't going to be accurate?

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