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are klipsch promedias compatible with macbook?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by plunar, Jan 15, 2007.

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    my concern is that the the klipsch's are analog only, and the macbook only has line output. would the logitech 5500 with optical be the better way to go?
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    The MacBook has analogue and digital out. The speakers will work just fine.
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    yes, the macbook has analog out, but that is mini-jack stereo. i'm under the impression that only an optical line will allow me to get 5.1 surround, short of something like a firewire converter. is this correct? i don't want to be feeding my speaker sytem through a receiver box, so if i can't just plug the klipsch in directly and get 5.1, i'll go with the logitech.
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    You didn't say you had analogue surround speakers. :p No, you're going to need to get an external sound box to get more than stereo out of the MacBook over analogue, since it doesn't have the physical outputs required.

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