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Are New Dual Powermacs Loud??

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by noelmac75, Jan 15, 2003.

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    I heard a rumor that the new Duals were loud, is it there fans that are loud because they have to cool down the G4s, my mate bought one recently and he said they were as quiet as a mouse, I dont know who to believe, can someone give me an explanation, Also do you tink I should hold off for the new powermacs to come out, when do you think that will be?


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    They are loud compared to old powermacs, but they are still quiet compared to most PCs
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    Why are they so noisy? Do you think its a design fault are there any ways to fix it, do u think the next line up will be much quieter?
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    No design flaw; the chips simply run that hot. No telling yet if the next batch of PPC chips will run cooler, but it could be assumed that the next generation will...

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    Our new dual 867 is actually not that bad, even low-volume internet radio makes the fan noise unnoticeable.
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    What planet do you come from?
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    Yeah, I've got a DP867 here with 4 HD's in it, and it's louder than my old G4 450, but NPR makes it totally unnoticeable.
    The secondary fan which is really freaking loud has only turned on once when the system locked up from a bad Firewire peripheral.
    You know that you can get boxes that cool and quiet your G4. I don't have the link but you can search for it fairly easily.
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    Old Pmacs are really loud!

    I have a G4 350 Sawtooth, and I have iTunes in my login items, and a big pair of sony headphones so I don't hear the fans.

    Some time ago I cleaned the fans (took the whole machine apart, which was fun, I found a Intel chip on the back of the motherboard :p) and that helped a bit.

    My dad has a Powermac G4 800 Mhz, and that one is a whole lot quieter...
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    I come from a planet where I have a new powermac, an old powermac, and two PCs
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    I own one.. louder than the dual 450, but still, not that bad. I have right right on my desk next do the monitor, and its no problem.
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    Loud is a subjective description. For audio guys, any noise is unnacceptable. For most people, in an already noisy room, you won't be able to tell.

    The are definitely louder than previous case designs.
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    If you mean the G4 - I'd say compared to my former PC MY G4 is VERY quiet!!!

    Loud???? LOL

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    Re: "loud"

    Exactly. It all depends. My Dual I Ghz seems a bit too noisy for my tastes, but it isn't unbearable. But it will be different for all people.
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    Re: "loud"

    Full blast fans for the hottest computer I've ever owned. Even with the fan my MDD heats up my apt by at least a few degrees. Literally. It's insane.

    As a recording student, I must agree with you. The solution has been to record everything from the bathroom with a fifty foot XLR cable. However, this is no different than when I was operating a machine with a SCSI drive. 8)

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    Re: Re: "loud"

    holy s***, i know what you mean. In my room, which isnt very very large, i have a dual ghz mdd, a pc i built, a 21 inch apple monitor and a 17 inch apple monitor. all of these are producting heat. i also usually have two tvs on. my room gets so damn hot. i get no air circulation in my room because i have 3 ferrets and if i leave my door open they will terrorize my room. but on the powermac. it is silent. i leave it on when i go to bed. its silent in my opinion. the only time it sounded like a damn man with a leaf blower was in my room was when i booted into os 9 to run some usb tv tuner. i dont know if it was a hardware flaw, os 9, or just becasue my usb tv tuner required so much power. my powerbook never blew at full force when i ran it. i think it was a mix up with os 9 and hardware.

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    All in perspective...

    Any noise that comes out of the DDR PowerMac is the hum or workings of an efficient machine, the noise that came from my Dell 850 was a pathetic grinding, choking sound.

    I sometimes like to listen to the machine heat up during the second after I wake it from sleep, it's like an escalating futuristic jet engine whirr, and the sleep-mode "breathing" light makes it seem more like some powerful animal at rest than a computer.
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    It's not as loud as everyone says it is. My ceiling fan is louder....and that's silent! When the second fan kicks (very rare) in then you can hear it.....
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    not true, mate. sorry to disagree, but anyone with an ACBell power supply wold heartily disagree. The delta fans are 47 db a piece making for a rediculously loud machine. I have one, and am extremely unhappy with it. I find myself not using it because the noise is so unnerving.
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    how about i disagree with you. i ahve an acbell powersupply, computer is silent, i cant even hear it when i go to sleep with it on. maybe some acbells are messed up but not mine, my powermac is whisper quiet.

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    Please don't take this the wrong way - but have you had your hearing tested?
    If the pair of you have the same kit then someone is either completely wrong or you have quite different hearing levels. ???

    I'm not making accusations it's just something does not add up here.

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    no my hearing levels are same as any normal 17 year old. I work on my mom's mdd, i work on the display mdd at our apple store, and i work on my powermac at home. just because yours is loud or youve heard someone elses doesnt mean mine is. mine is whisper quiet, i dont even notice it. i just now noticed the noise in my room because i turned off everything in my room. ill even take a picture of the acbell logo and record the sound for you, or you can come to my house and listen,lol. dont take this the wrong way or anything but come to my house and listen to it before you say im wrong and say my hearing is bad.lol

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    Maybe Apple fixed the noise on some of the G4's or you just got lucky. I remember that my G3 400 had noise for a while and then I put rubber between the case and the cage. Now there's no noise. However, I'ver heard from a many a G4 owners that the machines are loud. There is a site called g4noise and it's all about the MDD. Obviously people have had issues with noise. That and Apple has been deleting posts regading the noise on there own site. doh!

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