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Are screen protectors being sold anywhere

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by tttexxan, Apr 4, 2010.

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    WOuld love to get something locally do BB or apple have them??
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    I didn't see any at Best Buy yesterday.
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    My local best buy had the invisible shield available.
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    Gross. You want to put a big piece of plastic on this beautiful screen?

    Get a case instead.
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    Screen protector for ipad

    Look in eBay I got one for my self there
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    A case is not going to protect the screen from scratches.
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    How easily do these screens scratch? I would think with a case and some care it wouldn't scratch. Even though it has the same screen as an iPhone, it would never be subject to the same level of abuse--i.e., jammed in pocket with one's car keys.

    I just dread the thought of trying to perfectly position one of those plastics sheets. It seems like even the tiniest speck of dust will result in an annoying bubble.
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    Apparently the backs scratches much easier than the front.
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    I think you are right. I got one of those gel skins to protect the back. I use a soft lint free cloth to clean the screen. I would think that any of those cloths/pads for mobile device screens would work as well to keep the "smudgies" away :cool:
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    Best Buy here sold the invisible shield, but I really don't see myself scratching the front so I didn't get it.
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    On one of the reviews, they couldn't scratch the screen by trying to etch it with a nail, but the back got all chewed up just rubbing against things. :eek:
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    Why would you need one? It's not like an iPhone, where it might be in your pocket with keys, coins, etc. Screen protectors will just limit the awesomeness of the IPS display.
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    I do love the screen but all it takes is one scratch and then dohhhh so went ahead and got this stuff called ghost armor..I put it on my 2010 camaro radio and stuff is ausome..I dont like the feel of invinsashiled or how ever you spell it. It was 24 bucks for the full cover with lifetime warrenty.
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    I found a good screen protector today

    Try jandr.com, I picked a good on made by iluv 14$
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    Invisible shield and stuff like that is useless, get a case if anything.

    Check out PC Worlds torture test of the ipad, he was grinding a set of keys against the glass and it didn't scratch.
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    People have trouble attaching a screen "protector" to an iPhone that is bubble-free. What hope do they have of creating a bubble-free iPad "protector"?
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    I Love the ones sold for the iPhone. More of a fingerprint deterrent than protection.

    The "Power Support Anti-Glare Film Set for iPhone 3G"

    Oily fingerprints ruin the look.
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    Gross. You want to put a big piece of plastic/rubber/foam on the beautiful iPad.

    Leave it naked or get an Invisible Shield instead.
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    It's very unlikely to scratch, as it's glass. So it'd have to be something harder - metal won't do it, stone might.. so if you dropped it on the ground outside. But if you did that, you'd probably have more to worry about.

    Along with making the oleophobic coating pointless, I wouldn't bother - just use a case.

    Verified through owning and supporting 3G iPhones.
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    Well a case could actually protect it if it was dropped.

    An Invisible shield is just pointless.

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