Are there any good Blue-tooth head phones out there?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Clint1583, Oct 12, 2012.

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    With the new Nano having blue-tooth I was wondering if anyone knows if any company makes a decent set of smaller size blue-tooth head phones (buds) that can be used for running. Everything I've seen looks to large and out of place for exercising with.
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    I've been using Jaybird Sprint. I have a small face so definitely it looks big on my ears. But I like it. It stays in place and has controls on the right side. Good enough for me until I see anything smaller.

    Oh, the Plantronics backbeats something. I still have to read reviews yet. They are in-ear type.
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    JayBird SB2s are pretty good - Etymotic also makes some fantastic stereo in ear ones.
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    Do you know if the SB2 shows the battery on iPod/iPhone when connected?
    Does it provide good sound quality?
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    No battery level on the nano at least - I don't think so on iOS either - it does have very good sound quality - they are comfy and great for either exercise or lounging around the house with headphones on.

    They may not be as good as etymotics, but they are solid and not too pricy.

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