Are there any major problems with 2012 MBA that Apple hasn't fixed yet?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by HarryWarden, Nov 24, 2012.

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    I keep hearing about the Mac Mini problem with not allow some people to upgrade to 10.8.2. Are there any hardware/software issues a soon-to-be Air owner such as myself should be on the look out for with my incoming laptop?

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    Mine has been an absolute peach since I bought it - I'd say to go for it :D
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    I don't know if not sitting flushed on table considered a "major?"
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    I absolutely love my 2011 MBA - it's perfect and lightning fast for my needs, you won't regret it

    I have 1 very annoying bug. If my MBA sleeps on battery, if i wake it with the ac connected before it wakes it ill run very hot with no CPU tasks running and the fans then run very fast, ie hot and noisy.

    No problem if it sleeps on ac and ac stays powered on before you wake it.

    I'm not sure if this problem exists in all 2011 models and it was probably fixed by the 2012 rev. I'm sure others could advise
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    anyone else experienced something like this?
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    Not me.
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    Wi-fi issues
    Wake from sleep is slow
    Hot on lap
    Fan noisy when watching HD Vid

    These are just a search through the last 2 pages, i'm sure you'd find more niggles.
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    If they have, how do they know it's the MBA and not the table?
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    I have no issues with my air. either with noise or wifi or anything. everything is fantastic. This 2012 air is the best purchase ive made in the past 5 years and i upgrade every year or so.
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    The only problem I had was with the USB ports not providing enough power to run my colorimeter, but a recent patch corrected that.
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    No complaints. Shop around because prices vary, especially during the holiday shopping season.
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    Just got my 2012 MBA the other day, sold my 2010.. what a difference! I loved the 2010, but the 2012 flies. Get the 8GB of RAM. No issues whatsoever so far.
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    I agree with the others, the 2012 MBA is a very mature product, and I've had zero issues with mine.

    It's funny though, I thought mine didn't sit flush on the desk-- yep, turned out it was the desk! :)

    Awesome machine, and yeah, spring for 8gb of RAM. I got the 2.0 Mac processor as well, this little guy (silently) screams!

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