Are they even serious with these icons?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by DDustiNN, Jun 12, 2013.

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    But then I used a dark wallpaper, and the world didn't end!

    Looks pretty good to me.

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    The default icons still look like crap. Although the darker wallpaper makes it slightly more bearable.
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    Here we go, another one..... :D
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    How do all of you live with that silly badge on your mail icon! Would drive me nuts to just have 1 unread, let alone over a thousand :p

    The wallpaper really changes the whole feel. I wish the Messages App had some more customisation, though, it really is quite bright and stark.
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    seriously how many of these threads do we need?
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    doug in albq

    I am not sure, but I have the feeling you are going to respond to all of them.

    The icons do look a bit less Neon-Unicorn with a darker wallpaper.
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    Great, just what we need, ANOTHER thread on the app icons. :rolleyes:
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    Didn't the original iPhone have an all black background too? Seems like a winning solution.

    I hated having all of those wallpaper choices any way.

    How well does the 3D effect work on a solid black background btw?
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    Well Tim Cook did say that Pixar was involved hence the "Toy Story" look?:p
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    app app app
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    Okay. Now lets work on fixing that ugly dock down below.
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    I see you cleverly hid the music app aka eyesore.
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    As are you.
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    Are they even serious with these icons?

    Ok seriously I can't be the only one who find these icons ridiculous. It's like they were done with MS Paint by an intern. Is this for real? I mean look at the notes and reminders icons, they aren't up to Apple's standard at all. I don't care that it's not skeuromophism. It's just plain unattractive.


    And what is up with game center? Balls?? How does that even make sense.

    The photo icon does not in anyway represent photos. It can be a social network if anyone had to guess.

    I refuse to believe these icons were designed by Apple designers. Did they have the programmers design these?
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    I admit that I was expecting something quite different. And with that direct comparison I feel they put a lot more effort into the previous icons.

    Anyway, I'm ok with the UI for now. The added functionality makes up for the "childish" design.
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    Are you even serious with another thread about this?!
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    I'm guessing that you aren't very smart, otherwise you would have seen the numerous other threads of the same page and notice that you have been recycling the same things they said. For someone that's been here since 2007 you should know.
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    It makes complete sense. The icon mimics the Apps' interface which is not games but interacting with people.
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    the icons are "a work in progress".
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    Only Safari, Game Centre and photos are dramatically different. Nothing to worry about.
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    But balls aren't even people?
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    I actually like them more than the old ones. They are all coherent in style and colour.
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    They suck to look at. The old ones look much nicer to me, but check the home page. Apple said they took their design cue from their outside marketing people , or are spinning it that, either way, who cares really because they also said it's a work in progress and will change.

    So that took like two days since it was released.... neat.
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    Can't believe you didn't mention the new safari icon... :eek:

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