Are you a Mac or Apple Head?

Discussion in 'Community' started by Ensign Paris, May 20, 2002.


Are you a Mac or Apple Head

  1. Apple-Head

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  2. Mac-Head

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  3. What? I love my brick.

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    Ensign Paris

    Just a quick poll:

    Are you a Mac or Apple Head? I am an Apple head, love the company, love the product, but I do know people who dislike apple but still love the computer.

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    hello ensign.

    isnt a mac head and apple head the same thing? what consitutes a difference?
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    Ensign Paris

    Apple Head - Somebody who loves the Company, Steve and everything Apple. (for instance me :))

    Mac Head - Somebody who love the Mac, and doesn't care about the company as long as they make macs etc... (ie. A graphic designer who uses macs at work for design)

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    Ensign Paris

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    well okay...fair enough... i wont argue and i will play along. thanks.
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    Apple............ on a very similar level to how I love Ferrari F1 team, Schumi and REM....... :D
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    Ensign Paris

    yeah, Schumi rules :) I love Apple more that anything else during keynotes and on the build up and down, during F1 races I love Ferrari and Schumacher more that any else :)

    Currently: Apple 90% Ferrari 10%

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    well most would consider me a d**khead....
    I have say I am more a mac head but then again I am a apple head
    I'm confused....I like MACS and APPLE
    peace out
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    Ensign Paris

    Apple Heads and Mac Heads but Mac Heads are not Apple Heads.

    I wouldn't say I class u as a **** head, I don't class people I don't know well, (aside from people with the word "Cyrus" and "GO" in there names)

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    Ensign Paris

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    I'm both...

    again I go for both choices...

    it's too hard & close to make a difference for me... :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Given the one statement above that the Apple Head set contains the Mac Head Set, I'd have to go with Apple Head, that way I can be both.
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    I'd consider myself mostly an apple-head. For me it comes down to "why do i buy macs?". Sure, the computers a stylish, sleek.... all the things we love about the hardware. But then sony also makes some pretty sleek h/w, so why don't i buy them? Because they're not made by a certain co. by the name of 'apple' (plus they happen to have as os with M$ in it. ewwww). I love the whole 'think different' ethos.
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    i started out as a mac head, but have become an apple head... it's just more fun that way
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    Ensign Paris

    Come on, doesn't anyone else out there apart from me love there brick, just so people no it comes from Father Jack on father ted.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Its kind of hard to hate the company that makes your mac, but if you live day to day with the frustration thinking that your machine could be so much better... well, not for me.
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    You mean Father Ted?

    They've got a great song about a dead horse. :D :D
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    I'd have to say I am an Apple Head... I like most of what Apple is doing (can't like everything). Being a tech, I also have to fix the systems that Apple produces. I am looking forward to getting my hands on new towers after MWNY (I hope they come out with something über-cool).
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    isn't that a euro tv show?

    if so, count me out... haha.

    i saw some of it in an irish cinema class...

    funny ass show. and that's coming from a catholic! haha
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    apple head!
    i love my macs but the company is far more interesting.
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    I think the word "interesting" is a major understatement...

    Apple, as a company, could easily be considered one of the most innovative/intriguing companies ever...with a track record that would make most analysts cringe...he he he ;)
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    hmmmmm, interesting......:D

    and howsabout 5 new products in 5 months---yowsa, i mean , interesting...
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    Mr. Anderson

    They've had a huge impact in the design of all the computers you see today, not to mention almost every aspect of industrial and product designn in general.

    They are an innovator, revolutionary and geek all wrapped up in one!
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    do u think there will ever come a day when they become a completely self-contained company making every bit of their hardware as well as their iTools lineup?
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    Mr. Anderson

    Not any time soon. This also was debated a while ago, would Apple buy Motorola, etc. That's what's going to need to happen, but with the current state of Apple, it could only be a future possibility, with no definite plans right now.

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