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are you happy now?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Biker, Sep 1, 2010.

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    soi it has a rear camera and front camera.. whos happy :D:D:D
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    Yes I am, gyro, retina, front camera.

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    Chrome.... Oh why chrome....
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    Good LORD!

    The new iPod Touch just stomped a mud crater in the portable music/mp3 market with this bad boy!
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    Pretty cool device.

    It's a shame it doesn't have GPS. This was the first time I was really hoping for a particular feature to be added to any Apple product.

    GPS would have been great for:

    Social Check Ins
    Geolocation for Photos
    Jogging/Biking Tracking for distance, routes, etc.
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    I'd prefer a solid back color myself, but mine's going to be in a case so I don't give too flips really!
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    Could anybody tell if the new Ipod has a built in mic or is it still going to use the IN-Line mic. Mr. Jobs glossed over that.

    I want a built in mic!
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    Good point.

    Also, he didn't specify that the lower end one has the new processor and display.
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    Nothing about the rear camera giving you still photo capability. ;) As it was pointed out to me.
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    While I agree GPS would have been kind of cool Apple needs to balance the features to keep the device at the current price point. The more features, like GPS, they add the higher the price goes. Plus this just means the iPhone still has this feature over the iPod Touch.
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    I am assuming an app would take care of photo functionality if apple doesn't but yes, I am happy and I am buying this thing when it comes out. It will replace my flip video, congrats to apple for killing the flip video.
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    I am happy. The only flaw for me is the "video only" camera. Retina, A4, FaceTime...gyro is not bad too. I would buy one if had not bought one last year. :D But I will be buying one next year (I hope with 128GB then).
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    Too happy. Getting one.
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    I am now thinking it has to have a built in mic so when you take video you can have audio.

    Make sense?
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    Yup, during the demo and photos you can clearly see the camera/video toggle.

    I'm pumped! My touch got stolen a few weeks ago and I've been waiting.
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    I am estremely happy with the new iPod Touch. Retina display, Facetime, and a Rear Video Camera. Day 1 buy for me. BTW, does anyone know if it has a built in mic???? I mean, if it has two cameras, it should have a mic!!!
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    Hell Yes!!! :d
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    On another note... Jobs didn't say specifically that the camera takes photos... I think it does, because I have seen a picture-video slider in the iPod camera app demo, but maybe it doesn't, it wasn't confirmed.
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    It definitely takes pictures, if not iMovie can extract stills. It MUST have a mic for FaceTime and video recording.
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    Point and shoot.

    An awesome view. A decked-out cupcake. Your dog looking unbearably cute. If you want to take a quick photo to upload to your Facebook page, either camera on iPod touch can also capture stills. Just tap on the screen to adjust exposure. Then post to Facebook and let the comments begin.

    EDIT: Photos are 960 * 720 :(
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    It doesn't have to have a built in for Facetime (just use the old in-line mic) but for taking video it has to have one unless Apple believe in silent videos now! :D

    Let's just all pray that Steve Jobs did a crappy presentation and glossed over all important stuff. Maybe he just thought it was obvious and did not want to burden us with the minutiae :D
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    Very happy

    A4 chip with the new display, 299 is a great price
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