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Are you ready to go on Safari?

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 2, 2009.

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    I love the new Safari. The only thing I would change is make it a little more obvious that a page is loading, not just the little progress spinner on the right of the address field.
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    I still find myself using Firefox.
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    I've been using Mozilla/Firefox for many years, and I've tried at least ten different browsers on Windows/OS X before. Safari 4 is the first one that I've actually been able to fully switch to. Tabs could use some more contrast and loading should be more visible, but other than that, it's ridiculously awesome.
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    I wanna like Safari and feel like I will eventually switch, but Foxmarks on Firefox seals the deal for now...although there is a Safari version in development.

    And mobile me bookmark syncing is just not working as well as Foxmarks.

    Also, the lack of a button for a new tab in the navigation toolbar and the lac of ability to double-click in the extra tab space to create a new tab is just not efficient.
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    Get a better mouse. Mine (a Logitech MX Revolution) has a button for opening a new tab and one for closing the active tab, and I set the scroll wheel's left/right tilt to go to the previous/next tab. And I still have a left/right/middle click and buttons to show Exposé, Dashboard, and my desktop.

    It's also comfortable as hell and wireless. :cool:
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    its my new browser, i just wish that it didnt eat up as much memory (not that it matters that much).
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    It's my main browser. The improvements of Safari 4 are welcomed.
    Can't wait for the final version.
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    Safari 4

    In my opinion Safari 4 definitely truphs firefox, i mean firefox just seems so slow.... :mad:
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    Mr. Giver '94

    I want a setting to make opening a new window a tab instead. (as a default)

    Other than that I'm enjoying it. :)
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    Great so far, but have to switch back to Firefox to check my hotmail as links in hotmail on Safari don't work?!? :confused:
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    I love this safari, I just wish it was a bit better at finding the animals (read website compatibility).
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    Glims can do that (and many other things) and works with Safari 4.
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    I suspect that will be addressed shortly. When I first tried to log into my aol account it wasn't compatible, then the next day it worked fine. Wierd, considering I sure as hell didnt update anything.
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    Try checking this out

    I used it to bring back the blue loading bar on Safari 4, I hated being without it, other than that I enjoy Safari 4
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    I used to always use Firefox 3 ... but now that Safari 4 has lighting speed - it is my browser.

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