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Are You Sleeping??

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Franko, Sep 15, 2003.

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    I have a 350 slot load iMac with os 10.2.6 on board. The system runs great, although a little slow, but I have this persistent problem with the sleep mode. It is often very sluggish coming out of the sleep mode after not being used for a while. It will hang for a minute and sometimes longer befor the hd spins up. What causes this? Could a bad clock battery be the culprit? Any thoughts are deeply appreciated.

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    Hell we all sometimes have problems getting up for a long sleep :)

    I know a pointless reply but I bet you smiled.
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    well if i were sleeping i couldnt reply
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    I second that motion.
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    Try having setting the hard drive so it doesn't sleep. We have a coupld of 350 iMac's at work, and they are really slow at waking up. They are a bit faster by disabling the hard drive sleep, but nothing is going to make it lightning fast.
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    Buy a nicer, faster hard drive. 60gig 7200 rpm would be pretty cool. That with max amount of RAM, and you will have a noticably faster machine. It will never be zippy, but it won't be as sluggish.
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    How about some icewater I mean Diskwarrior? I ordered my $39 upgrade to Diskwarrior 3 today.

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