Are you still debating whether to upgrade or not?

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Are you still debating whether to upgrade or not? Or, have you already decided?

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  1. Yes, still debating whether to upgrade or not

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  2. I already upgraded (or will soon upgrade) to the new 32GB

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  3. I already upgraded (or will soon upgrade) to the new 64GB

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  4. Nope. I have decided not to upgrade this time

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    Let's see how many of us are still debating and how many already decided.
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    i'm more than happy with my 8 gig 1st gen.

    i would have immediately updated if the new ipod had a camera and go-anywhere wi-fi, but hey, not to worry :)

    the next big thing for me will be if Apple release a tablet or not, and how it looks and what functionality it has. then i might upgrade. a speed and memory increase isn't enough justification for me.
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    Dale Sorel

    I have an 8GB 2G so there is no upgrade available for me.
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    Planning to get a 32GB. Still debating though. Anyone wanna help me debating? :p

    Whats the chances of apple releasing a touch with cam within 6months?
    I mean, its space for a cam in the current one. So i belive in the production failure rumors.. But the question is, when will they release a new..
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    1G to 3G is a solid upgrade

    I hemmed and hawed about my upgrade from a 32GB first generation Touch to a 64GB because of the lack of camera. After a few days I realized I never even considered the value of a camera on it until I read about it on the forums — what I really wanted was more capacity and volume buttons. So I took the plunge and couldn't be happier.

    I love not having to wake it up to adjust the volume, stop the song, or skip a track. I also can't believe how incredibly fast content loads compared to the 1G. It took just a couple minutes to load 3 seasons of Entourage. On the 1G it would have been a half hour (or at least felt like it was). The last time I remember seeing such an increase in speed was when I switched from a dial up modem to high speed cable.

    Also, even though the speaker is not anything to brag about, it's nice that my son (who's 5) can now hear his games and watch Scooby Doo shows without me having to go into the settings to readjust the volume limit every time.

    Anyway, if you're debating whether to upgrade from a 1G to a 3G, my experience is that it is well worth it.
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    I ordered my 3rd gen already. It's in Arizona :(
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    I don't know what to do! I sold my first generation 8gb iPod Touch and I don't know if I should buy a 16gb 2G iPod Touch or the 32gb 3G iPod Touch. I only have 10gb of music but I have a lot of pictures, videos and will probably add a lot of apps. I also like to jailbreak the iPod and add a lot of other stuff to it. I'm trying to save money though. How long do you think Apple will have refurbished 3G iPod touch's?
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    I havent decided if I should sell my 2nd gen 16gb and get a 3g 32gb or keep the 2g and just buy an ipod classic?
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    I'm going up to UPS in a few minutes to retrieve my 32gb that came in today. I guess the 1st thing I'll do is charge it up and get on some free apps TONITE! :D
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    I'm probably going to buy a used iPod touch 2g 16gb. I don't need or want a 32gb iPod right now, and there aren't enough new features in the current generation to consider an upgrade. Maybe come January there will be a 16gb (with a camera? :p) in the 3g lineup.
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    Don't underestimate the new 3G iPod touches. It's like 5x faster than the 1G and 2x faster than the 2G. I was able to pick up stronger WiFi signals. Safari is now about neck to neck compared to my MacBook Pro.

    Other small things include:
    1. system-wide mic usage. on the 2G, I couldn't use Skype to audio chat. I can now on the 3G.
    2. much better screen panel. no more "yellowish" tint. I compared mine (3G) to my friend's 2G. Screen was brighter and more vivid. Colors were more neutral.
    3. ARM Cortex A9 (faster than iPhone 3GS) processor and graphics chip.
    4. the default earbuds have tiny enhancements that make it better than the older earbuds. plastic part around the jack, rubbery/smooth feel to the cord. the older earbuds tangled easily and the rubber twisted and curled. the new ones don't.

    It's the small stuff that Apple improved. Nothing major like new chassis or camera or new hardware (i.e. GPS, magnetometer).
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    I've already decided, and I'm not upgrading. I'm just going to wait until the 4th generation iPhone.
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    Then I can't wait for the 16GB 3G :p.
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    Actually, it's an ARM Cortex A8, the same as in the iPhone 3GS, but a newer revision, so it's very slightly faster. The ARM Cortex A9 is coming next year, and drastically improves performance even from the Cortex A8. It is also dual core, and can beat an Intel Atom N270 processor in terms of raw performance. Hopefully, Apple will put this in the tablet if they go with an ARM-based design.

    Also, I've found that the new 3G is about 2x as fast as the first generation, and around 60% faster than the second generation, which is a little higher than what apple claims, at 50% faster than the 2G.

    Web browsing speed is sooooo much faster now, though, for anyone considering.

    For me, the 32 GB 3G is a fantastic upgrade over the original iPod touch, but as soon as the iPhone comes to Verizon, I'm getting that!
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    Where did you hear that the CPU in the ipod touch is newer than the 3GS?
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    i count for 2 on the 32 gig.. since i recently bought2 ipod touches.
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    According to the iFixit teardown, here are the version numbers for different iPod touch and iPhone processors:

    339S0075 ARM = iPod touch 3G
    339S0073 ARM = iPhone 3GS
    339S0048 ARM = iPod touch 2G

    The slightly higher version number infers to me that the iPod touch 3G is a newer revision, or possibly a higher stock clocked version. However, both the iPod touch 3G and iPhone 3GS processors have an ARM Cortex A8 @ 600 MHz and have 256 MB RAM, while the iPod touch 2G has an ARM11 @ 533 MHz and 128 MB RAM. The original iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod touch 1G have the same ARM11 as in the iPod touch 2G, but with a clock speed of 412 MHz. They also have the same amount of RAM.

    The new iPod touch also has N Wifi, and possible FM broadcasting and tuning, but they're not yet enabled in software.
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    There, fixed that. They may well not be connected for operation, making any chance of a firmware update to enable zero. I would think that the N wireless would be a possibility for the future depending on battery life, but FM likely won't happen.
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    what do you mean by "go-anywhere wi-fi" ???
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    thanks mate. your advice is thorough. :)
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    I knew everything you posted above that. Anyways, i though it was Exactly the same cpu as in the 3gs :cool:
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    I bit the bullet and upgraded my 1st gen 16gb to a 3rd Gen 64gb, will be here Monday. I had no qualms about the camera, but was deciding between the Ipod and upgrading my Zune 120 to a Zune HD, and decided the 64giger offered more.
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    Your lucky the 3G I got is stuck in recovery mode and can't proceed.
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    I'm using a 1st-gen 32 GB model. No plans to upgrade until there's a 64 GB iPhone with stable tethering.
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    Did it come in recovery mode?

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