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ARGH- Corrupted RAW Files. Advice?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by gwuMACaddict, Nov 20, 2008.

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    Using a D90, shot a card of RAW. Copied files to desktop using a Lexar card reader.

    When I open the folder with the Finder, I can see the image thumbnails. When I try to open the pictures using Preview/ Photoshop/ Lightroom, I get an error message telling me that the files are corrupted.

    Never had this issue with my D200.

    Any suggestions?

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    Try re-copying using the D90 using Nikon's RAW program.

    Also, have you downloaded the latest software updates for your Mac? Check that it has the latest digital camera raw software.
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    Image Capture? Or whatever it is that comes with the camera? The D90 isn't mine, but I can probably borrow my friends' disc. I do have the software from the D200.

    Yes, the Mac is updated. It's the last iMac before the iSight camera came built in.
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    Depending on your settings, the camera may embed jpeg previews into each raw file and that's what your mac is showing on the icons.

    I feel like there was a mac update that came out about a week ago that added D90 compatibility to macs. Make sure to open software update and actually run all of the updates in there today
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    Computer is up to date, folks.

    Ok... nothing... in fact, the computer won't even recognize the other SD card I used- a SanDisk Extreme III SD HC 4GB.


    Everything I shot that day with the D200 on CF cards loads perfectly. Are all SD cards this finicky?

    Can someone please recommend some reliable recovery software? Penn Camera in DC wants $39.95 per card.

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    Have you tried getting the pictures off the card using a PC or at least a different mac?
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    Going to try other Macs this weekend.

    Nobody has any recovery software that they like?
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    Do you have the D90? Plug the camera into the computer. Don't use the card reader. THe camera can use either of two USB protocols "Mass Storage" or "Pict Bridge". Try Pict Bridge. This method does NOT send the data as files, it sends pixels and the Mac has to make those into files. Likely those files will be OK even if the files on the card are not.
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    Did not know that... will try this weekend- thanks!
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    To wrap this up, turns out I needed to get Lightroom 2.1.

    Why in the world doesn't Preview recognize D90 RAW files? Ugh, would have saved a heart attack.

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