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Army Explains End of America's Army For Mac

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 12, 2006.

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    They cite cost-benefit analysis, but this was not a for-sale program. The cost was manufacturing the game. The benefit was not finanical profit. So I'm guessing they mean not enough Mac users of the game were enlisting (in real life)?
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    too bad. i really was planning to check it out. once i sort out my issues right now.
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    Exactly, PC users are much more frustrated :rolleyes: than us Mac users so they feel the need to join the army and shoot people. :D
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    And Mac users would only use one-trigger assault weapons :p.
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    I blame Boot Camp. Lots of game developers are already wondering if they need to develop for the Mac now that they can just require Mac users to boot in Windows or use virtualization software. This is just the first developer to make the decision. :(
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    You may have a point, but it's too early to say. If Mac OS X's market share actually increases due to Boot Camp then there's the possibility of the opposite effect will become reality.
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    This has nothing to do with boot camp. It has to do with a platform that is hardly growing because Apple expects everyone to think as they do.
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    Boot Camp is keeping Mac users from being subjected to U.S. Army propaganda? Score one for Boot Camp.
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    Lots of developers? How many developers are making original Mac games? Blizzard and who else? Most mac games are developed by companies that are just porting the PC versions. You can't blame boot camp for Mac's sorry state of gaming because it's been sorry for much longer.
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    This is true but you can't blame developers for that. I used to buy the Strat-o-matic baseball game every year on the Mac, but when the switch was made to OS X, the development costs just got too high for them and they discontinued the Mac version despite the fact that the owner of Strat-o-matic is a dedicated Mac guy. The combination of market share and frequent platform shifts have made it very expensive for the small software developer to keep producing for the Mac. So we're left with nothing but ports of the blockbuster PC titles.

    I think the whole virtualization/Boot Camp phenomenon is great for that reason -- the smaller games, that never would have been ported to OS X anyway, will now will be playable on a Mac. So some of the blockbuster titles might stop porting to Mac ... yawn. If Apple would just buy Adobe and shut off the last major developer at risk of abandoning the platform, we'd have nothing to worry about
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    Exactly right. Don't people in the states get suspicious about all that bull happening lately? Their phones tapped, military propaganda disguised as a game for the kids to download (why censorship on sex and not on war - but then again, why censorship in the first place), a war to destroy weapons that are nonexistent...

    I guess the people that can still think for themselves won't be too sad about that "loss".
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    Bush's approval rating is 29 percent so, yeah, I think it's safe to say we're suspicious. I just switched my phone service today from AT&T to Vonage ... some peon at AT&T refused to answer my question when I asked about turning over phone records to the Feds, said it was a matter of "national security." Yeah, my phone records are a matter of national security, sure. I don't accept that answer from the White House, I'm sure as hell not going to accept it from Ma Bell.
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    I couldn't be happier. They can keep their propaganda tool.

    @ Chicagdan: They still monitor calls if you call any of customers of the major telcos. Good thing I don't use the phone.
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    Presumably lilly-livered liberal Mac owners are not who they want in the army.

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    Blast one less free game on the market....suddenly i feel less agitated and don't want to apply to west point for college....I'm free!:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    It's just so sad because I like that country and it's people a lot (apart from republicans but hey, who likes them eh?). We must not allow the press and our goverments to make us so paranoid about each others views. It is sad times when we have a thread about a game made by the u.s. army...

    Sorry for being so awful pseudo-political today...
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    Good point, but it's got to start somewhere. I'm not even that upset at the government asking for or using these records -- I'm mad at the way the telcos just turned the info over without making any effort to protect our rights. The least they could have done was litigate the matter so that the courts could weigh in on the legality of it all.

    And if this information was so vital to national security, why didn't the feds take Qwest to court to get it once they said no?
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    Well, I'm not exactly sure "Think Different" sits too well with the Army. :rolleyes:
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    All joking aside....

    The sad thing is, the current generation of game console and computer game-playing teens are generally in such bad physical shape, the armed services have had to lower their standards on their physical tests just to get a decent number of recruits.

    One could actually guess that the game-players into games like America's Army aren't exactly prime choices for military services at all. Mac or PC has nothing to do with it.

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    All joking aside, I don't have a problem with the Army finding innovative ways to recruit. It's certainly preferrable to a military draft.
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    Wow, so I guess I'm the only one on the planet who didn't know that America's Army was actually a product of the Armed Forces? :eek: :eek:

    Now *that's* an interesting form of viral marketing... :)
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    BootCamp has nothing to do with it. In fact, AA for Mac should have stopped existing long ago. Ryan Gordon, icculus.org, was contracted to port the game for Mac. Once his contract expired he continued porting later versions of the game. There has been no offical AA support for Mac for some time now. Gordon is now at the point where it is taking up too much time for which he is not gettin paid. So thats it.
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    There WILL be some loss of Mac gaming market due to people who say "buying Windows and rebooting is good enough."

    Meanwhile, there WILL be some increase in Mac gaming market due to the growth of Mac sales.

    Personally, I have no doubt that the increase in Mac sales will be greater than the loss due to people who find Windows acceptable. Net result: more Mac game sales. And sales drive development.

    Because remember: most of those people were ALREADY lost--they already kept a PC on the side for gaming. It's not like gaming on Windows is a new option, it just got a little easier. And so did switching to Mac :)

    (Anyway, I prefer my violence to be in the sci-fi or fantasy realm, rather than in the "practice killing real people" realm. And I'd be more supportive of Army recruitment if I thought our soldiers lives were being spent WISELY.)
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    This was bound to happen. Mac users are just too classy for the Army.

    Now, if they released America's Air Force, that's another matter :D

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