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Discussion in 'Community' started by jelloshotsrule, May 24, 2002.

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    i see there is going to be a new forum of some sort, right here under the community forums.

    it is "TBA" with dukestreet listed as the moderator....

    i'm very curious as to what duke and arn have up their sleeves...

    looks like duke is starting to throw more weight around here.... eye is gonna freak out. that paranoid smiley man...

    anyone have theories as to what it is?
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    I'm sure if we're patient it will be made public what that's about. No doubt something good, if arn and duke are putting their heads together on this one.

    :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    I also noticed that on the main forums page if dukestreet is browsing the forums or such, his name is bold, just like arn or blakespot. Although I still think he is a demi-G and a moderator, not an almighty of the forums just yet.

    I am not sure exactly what this TBA deal is. But I am pretty sure it would be interesting.

    Fear the King.
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    yeah, we'll find out with time. i just figured, may as well spark up some ideas and see if anyone had heard anything... i mean, we'll learn about apple's future plans with time, right, yet we still keep coming here to find out a month, week, day ahead of time... :p

    his name has been bold? man... duke must be on his way to the top.

    let's hope the power doesn't get to his head... haha.
  5. arn
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    heh... :) Now we're talking about rumors about

    it's nothing wild and amazing... don't get your hopes up. :)

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    awww. Don't spoil the fun for 'em!:)
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    i love how you detach yourself from it all.... for for "'em"???? come on now! you want to know what's up too. otherwise you wouldnt be posting in this thread!

    haha. i am counting the seconds until it's unveiled.... ohh man. i feel like i'm at a tom jones concert. people are tossing their underwear at duke and arn up on stage from left and right.... ahhhhhh!
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    He he he, don't you just love word games? :p

    ewww, that's scary! I'm glad i'm not up on stage with the two of them.
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    indeed. you thought we americans' knowledge of the english language (or lack thereof) would allow you to slip that one by me/us!! never!

    yeah me too.. they seem to like it up there though. i can just imagine them two up on stage doing karaoke to "it's not unusual" and swinging their hips and doing all that type of tom jonesy stuff...

    that's cute. they should at least webcast it though eh? ha
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    Jello, be patient. This will be worth it in the end. Its Christmas Eve here at Macrumors, and your under the tree shaking the presents. :D Seriously, I think it will all be worth the wait.
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    who said i'm not patient backdawg? i'm the new tiger.... patience is my freaking middle name.. haha.

    actually, i just got up (earlier than i wanted to) and can't sleep so i am bored. and don't feel like doing anything yet.

    i am not usually up this early so i'm just learning that things don't start around here this early... when i get up normally, eye and duke have like 50000000000000 threads going like wild fires....

    i'm just bored. :rolleyes:
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    Amen, I was up last night until four doing NT Server maintenance. :(
    You know it reaches a poing where you just want to kick Bill Gates right in the teeth. That is the only way to describe how I feel right now. Yea, I think the new forum will be cool. Now we have to cough up the 35$ so that we can get out mugs, and our status, and *crying* access to the secret threads.
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    well... the new one doesn't seem like it'll be a secret one... i think it will be a forum specifically for duke and eye to (pardon this pun)... duke it out... haha. right.

    once i get the job, 35 will come up from me. and then jefhatfield will see "if that slacker piece of crap paid, then i guess i should"... haha

    ooooooh... the man himself is about to speak!
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    It feels soooo good to know exactly what's going on. If you buy your Demi-Godliness, you can find out before everyone else!

    He he... shameless plug... :D
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    haha. as i've said.... once i get that job.

    glad this all has made you feel important. as it's entertained me for a bit while i put off cleaning up my room.... so it's worked at least twofold... ha
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    awww beej. I was enjoying playing around with jello!

    Sorry about that jello :D
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    haha. it's cool. at least it's keeping me busy and helping me waste time. that's all i can ask for from anyone here... help me waste time more efficiently.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Re: arn and dukestreet

    All will be made apparent soon, my young padawan learner!

    Relax, ok, and like B2TM said, stop shaking the presents. Remember a couple or 40 threads ago about ideas and my coming up with more than I can ever use? Well, one of them actually turned out to be a somewhat decent one, imagine that. So go find something to distract you and stop trying to cause needles hype, it will end up getting blown out of proportion and be a big let down when you finally see what it is. ok?

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    Sorry man. I had to put him out of his misery. It was like watching a cat playing with a mouse... you just have to put the mouse out of it's misery. :D

    Plus, it was also done for the sake of a shameless plug. :D
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    Re: Re: arn and dukestreet

    wait a second, is my dad downstairs or did he just post a message to me on macrumors? i'm confused.... :p

    there's nothing much else to distract me. :eek:

    don't get me wrong. it probably will suck. but that doesn't mean i can't joke around about it in the meantime. :eek:

    ps: beej, i am not in any misery. i'm just tired. does that count?
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    Re: Re: arn and dukestreet

    Aw, you're so modest Duke. C'mon man, it's only going to be the biggest thing that's ever happened here! Give yourself some credit!

    Oh wait, I'm hyping it too much, so you're all going to be let down. Ah damn...

    OK, everyone just forget about it... it's really not that interesting. actually it's quite dull and boring. Twiddling your thumbs would be more interesting. So go do that instead. OK?

    OK. Good. :D
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    Re: Re: Re: arn and dukestreet

    Actually Jello, there is something that I have to tell you..........

    .........I am your father.........
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    Mr. Anderson

    It might have been shameless, but it was still for a good cause. It might actually get jefhatfield to pay up. He was getting a little bent out of shape in that other thread where you were taunting him about all the fun we have in the Private Forum.

    beej, the MacRumors mascot and fundraiser!
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: arn and dukestreet

    so why am i only 5'10? mom's genes screwed me out of some height pops!

    does that mean i have native american in me????? sweet! now my hatred of columbus and those other people can be more qualified. whoohoo!

    funny how this has blown up. i just was here mostly alone earlier and thought i'd say something for kicks to amuse myself. and kicks it has provided indeed!
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: arn and dukestreet

    he, he...
    Yea, isn't it good to know that you a cultural reason to hate something. It is quite invigorating. Yea, don't worry about the thread, but I can tell you that it will be cool, it will be fun, and it will be worth the wait. So, that being said, lets just move over to the Macs and politics thread and get that puppy to 1,000 posts of pure Mac Freak political satire, and intelligence. :D

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