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Arndale Centre, Manchester, UK

Discussion in 'iPad Launch Meetups' started by roblawton, Apr 16, 2010.

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    There's a thread for Trafford Centre, but I've decided to go for a change with the iPad launch.

    Who's planning to visit the Arndale Centre in Manchester to get theirs?

    I'm probably gonna pre-order on May 10th, but still get there for 9am for an early start.

    Who's with me...?
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    I'm waiting for the actual date before i decide which of the two manchester shops.
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    As long as they don't stiff us on postage, I may well get mine delivered.

    But I'm tempted to go to a store for 'the experience'. Sad huh? Having never set foot in an Apple store, it could be a good opportunity, as I'm sure there'd be a good buzz.

    I'll weigh my options on the 10th.
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    So dates and prices have been announced... Who's with me then?

    I'm glad it's a Friday (still had to book it off work) but I'll be pre-ordering mine tomorrow morning, then travelling to Arndale to collect first thing in the morning of the 28th! :D
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    I'm torn between delivery and pickup, the Arndale being my local Apple store.

    Great release day the 28th though for multiple reasons - it's payday, I'm already off work 5 days from the 28th, and I'm off on my hols on June 6th giving me ample time to pack my iPad with content \o/
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    It's my weekend off too! So I get to play all day/weekend!

    I'd suggest collecting as delivery may come a LOT later than you expect (especially if there are a lot of pre-orders!) - You'll be gutted if it came at 5pm when you had the chance to go early and collect.
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    Does anyone know what time the stores are selling the iPad?
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    Nobody knows yet.
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    Well, the choice was made for me as it appears pickup wasn't an option when I ordered my 32gb 3G at 0500 this morning.

    Given that I KNEW we'd be getting it late here I'd successfully put the iPad out of my mind for a couple of months....but I'm getting excited now!!!
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    Just been in the Arndale store, the guy there said pre-order should run for at least 2 weeks.

    Also he said they were expecting a significant stock of iPads on the 28th and they dont expect them to sell out as soon as they open.

    But i suppose he could be talking out of his *rse...

    :EDIT Oh, he also said they'd be available as soon as they opened, i asked if he was sure they wouldn't be released at some point during that day and he told me they would definitely be available at opening time.
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    I finish school at 3.00pm they better have a 32GB WIFI + 3G for me :)
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    I'd be very surprised if they did.
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    There's an expectation they'll sell out within an hour of opening. Even given what the guy in the store told me above, i dont think there's much chance of any being left after mid-day.
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    Every Apple rep I've asked has said stores are expected to run out extremely quickly.
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    Given that pre-orders have now slipped, i think i'll be at the Trafford Centre on launch day. I think it should be quieter, less office workers trying to get one while they're working in Manchester.
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    Does anyone know if the Arndale Centre it's self will open early to allow a queue to form outside the Apple store, or if it's just a case of who can run the fastest when the doors open?
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    I asked on Friday and the staff didnt know. I'll pop in on Monday and ask again and let you know.
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    just been in again, to summarise, still no news of opening times, he suggested i ask again on Thursday.
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    Im off work this week as its my birthday so i might pop along on friday to see what all the fuss is about. :D
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    Happy Birthday (it was my birthday yesterday!). :D
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    Thanks for asking again - I guess we'll see what they say on Thursday. I'm wondering whether turning up at 8am on Friday will be too late..?
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    Cheers mate. Might celebrate with an iPad :D
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    Possibly too late, if demand is very high, he did speculate last week that they might open the Arndale at 7am then the store at 8am, by which time i imagine there could be a big queue. Its anybodies guess how many they'll have.
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