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Arriving in San Francisco...

Discussion in 'Macworld San Francisco 2008' started by MacRumors, Jan 12, 2008.

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    Macworld 2008


    Stand in line here for Keynote

    I flew in this afternoon, and Longofest should be arriving tonight, and we'll be making our keynote preparations tomorrow. The keynote kicks off on Tuesday along with the opening of the Expo floor, so real coverage will begin then.

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    And so it begins...
  3. Demi-God (Moderator emeritus)


    Are we to understand that you're already waiting in line? :p
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    Can't wait :)
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    Cry:(:(:(:( I wanted to go so bad!..... I guess next year will be good....:(
  6. arn
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    Staff Member

    no, not yet :)

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    Just wanted to gush a bit about how I think it's amazing how much this little site has grown over the years since I joined up. I mean...arn is at MWSF. It wasn't THAT long ago that this was unheard of.
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    man i wanted to go too
    this keynote might even be better than last years
    depite the fact that the best gandget in the world was released last year (iPhone)
    next year fo sho im goin
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    Victor ch

    Man you're lucky :p I wish I could be there! Anyway good luck Arn, Longofest and others there.

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    True that.
    I know. I am such a newbie, but I felt at home the first time that I visited this site. I have depended on it for every Mac thing. Arn, this is the best Mac rumor site out there. I mean, I tried probably 5 sites before this and the difference is night and day.
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    Wow, lucky you... have fun. I can't wait for Wednesday (my time).
  12. Guest


    i have to say that the macrumors' live coverage of the keynote is by far, by very far the best on the internet. its the next best thing to being there.

    and arn, if you and the boys want a great, not too expensive dinner at an amazing French Bistro near the presidio, i can give you the 4-11.
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    Victor ch

    I second that. In MacRumors there is a true community when you can even get familiar with certain users, I tried posting in Gizmodo and Engadget and is just not the same feeling. I hope this is one of the many more Macworlds to come that MacRumors organizers assist. Good luck:)

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    I know, all of the people have no knowledge of actual Mac products. They all seem like they are out to get you. I wish you luck at Macworld, arn. I look forward to seeing your SMS updates at the Keynote!
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    can't wait for this, and thanks guys for doing all of this for all of those who can't go, im sure it'll be great i ve tuned in to every macrumors coverage since i joined like almost a yeara go and it's been nothing but fantastic..thanks in advance guys:)
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    Well, I arrived and am checked into my hotel. The flight cross-country via Virgin America was awesome, though my wife Michele managed to crash the in-flight entertainment system twice in two different seats. Its run off of linux, so I joked that she should just stay with Macs :)

    Hope to see some of you at the expo or at least at the meetup!
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    Wow! Hope that there are no PC's at Macworld!:)
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    Have fun guys. I was there for WWDC 07 and had a blast, wish I was there again!
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    More photos!
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    everyone is saying how great the macrumors coverage is but I've never truely experienced it. I mean, I've been on this website for ages but never tuned into macrumors live before. Is it really that good?? I always try and just watch the keynote video a couple of hours after it but always just end up reading the main posts. Is it worth tuning in to macrumors live?? Is it an experience?? Haha.
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    I'd say over the last 3 keynotes at MWSF MacRumors has jumped leaps and bounds in every catagory over the previous year so this year should be really good.

    Great job guys !!
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    For the past few years at least, Engadget live has killed Mac Rumors. You get *far* more detail at Engadget, including most of Jobs' quotes, whereas Mac Rumors tend to throw up descriptive one liners. I believe they have Ryan Block just typing away none stop, a second person taking photos, and Rojas editing the stuff on the fly. It works well.

    Mac Rumors is a better place to discuss the news though. Engadget comments are worthless.
  23. Guest


    totally disagree. yes, engadget has more "commentary" but its much slower to reload/push info and i have found it is a lot less accurate; you will see a lot more edits after the fact as they make their posts correct. the MR forum-spy like push of information is flawless and no reloading needed.

    having said that i usually have both MR and engadget open.
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    MacRumors "Live" Coverage

    Yes, it is that good. I use it every year to get the latest information for my Apple-related blog.

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    Lucky whatnots.

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